Another Windy Walking Day

Saturday, December 21, 2019

New team members in place
New team members in place

Our newest members of the team, Glenita and Steve arrived about 6:30 tonight. Thankful for their safe arrival and safety parking after dark. So now all our team is in place again. We can relax a little.

The rest of the day today we did some serious walking (wind only 26 mph sustained wind today but it still shakes FRED at times). We have discovered we really like the ability to walk anywhere we need to go on Big Pine. We walk across the street the grocery store, across the highway to the flea market, down the highway a ways to one of many restaurant choices. One of the places we walked today was to a new seafood and produce stand that was having it’s grand opening today. We met the two owners earlier this week and promised them we would visit today. We bought some key lime pie, fresh salsa, grapefruit and oranges. We tried some fresh watermelon juice, fresh guacamole, and fresh shrimp ceviche which were all excellent and will be on our list for next visit. As a lot of you know, we frequently prepare snow crab legs for our Christmas dinner along with some other not so traditional but favorite items. This little market has stone crab claws. Since we are in the Keys, we decided to go local and they will be steaming us some fresh stone crab claws for our 2019 Christmas dinner. We came home and looked up stone crab since we have never eaten it and found that when they catch the crab, they harvest one of the claws, release the crab and when the crab molts it grows another claw. Who knew? Certainly not us. We had another great day in the Keys. Hope everyone has finished their shopping and is ready to concentrate on the real reason for Christmas. Stay safe.

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