Shopping Local

Shopping localSaturday, December 14, 2019

Today was a relaxing day. We did some work around FRED and then went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market across the highway. There were noticeably more people there today than last Saturday. Everyone says traffic is just going to get worse as we move toward January when all the snow birds arrive. Today we spent a little more time shopping but just left with food items. We bought some mangrove snapper on the recommendation of our homeowner Dennis. He was a commercial fisherman in years past. We pan seared the fish in a little butter and lime juice and it was very good. We will probably buy more while we are here.

New team in place
New team in place

We also welcomed Kathy and Larry to the team today. We are thankful for their safe arrival and look forward to working with them over the next several weeks. We had a really nice rain shower this afternoon that gave us a much appreciated break in the temperature. It went from 84, down to 77 in about 30 minutes. Nice. While we were out walking around after the rain, some of the Key deer that hang around every afternoon made their appearance. Interesting, when Elaine got out of her car and rattled a bag of corn chips they came over wanting to be fed. We saw a video last week of a deer stealing a bag of chips from a picnic table. We did not feed them but they were sure hopeful. It was another good day. Remember to pray for all the pastors preparing for services tomorrow.

Key deer like chips
Disappointed Key deer

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