First Week in the Keys Finished

Thursday, December 12, 2019

We awoke to rain on the roof this morning. Would have been nice to fall back asleep but we did the adult thing and resisted the temptation. After the early morning rain passed by we had another beautiful, sunshine filled day.

After devotion, we all headed back to Dennis’s house to do the final drywall work in the kitchen and living room. Our first job this morning was to help Dennis herd Bucky the Key deer out of his yard. Dennis has some lush foliage and beautiful flowers in his yard and the deer really like it. We actually helped Dennis encourage Bucky to go visit someone else about three times today. Gene teaching us how to use the texture sprayerOtherwise, we were finishing drywall all day. Mid afternoon, Gene set up the texture machine and taught us how to use it. The plan is that we will prime the ceiling Monday morning and then as soon as the primer is dry we will texture the ceiling. We would love to get the kitchen and family room textured Monday.

Some of Dennis’s beautiful flowers

Bucky in Dennis's back yard

And Bucky who likes to eat them

We have to say goodbye to Carolyn and Gene tomorrow. We so appreciate all their hard work leading this disaster rebuild for the past 10 weeks. We all went out to dinner tonight at the Big Pine Rooster. The food was really good but the fellowship was even better. So we are at the end of our first work week. One down and a lot more to go.

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