Goodbye To Wood Manor

Friday, October 18, 2019

We have had a very busy week. It it may not be very interesting to anyone else but we will give you a quick run down of our week. Beginning on Monday, we headed to the nursing home to check on the LOLs. They had a few problems our last week in Sebewaing. We received multiple calls for various incidents, so we had to go see them and check on things for ourselves. Unfortunately, Helen and Jean are declining. The dementia is taking its toll. They both did still know us so we count that as a blessing. It’s now difficult to have a conversation with them because they seem to change the subject and we can’t figure out where they are coming from. Also, such a blessing is that they for the most part seem happy. Monday we also picked up our mail, went to the grocery store, and returned home to trudge through the mail and do laundry.

Tuesday was time for Anne to have a dental checkup, then back to Oneonta for more errands, a hair cut for Max while Anne went to the court house to pay Fred’s taxes and get his tag and registration for another year. While there she also paid the property taxes because we will be working the Florida Disaster Rebuild in December when those are due. Went home with a real dent in the bank account. Then to the library to renew our library card so we can continue downloading the books we enjoy listening to on long travel days. We were excited to drive by the produce stand and find they still had some Blount County watermelons. And they are still GOOD! According the ladies at the stand it will probably be the last one we get. They have picked the last ones. We are savoring this last one.

Wednesday morning we pulled out in Fred headed to Tuscaloosa. We have a contract on Anne’s mom’s house and we went to finish the job of emptying the house. We have been working in Tuscaloosa when ever we weren’t on a project for the past year. Anne’s brothers spent last weekend, while we were driving back from Michigan, in Tuscaloosa working at the house. That work is greatly appreciated. We spent Wednesday through Friday making the final donations and cleaning the house. We took a break Thursday night and went to Sam’s to pick up a few things. When we walked out of the store we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever experienced. Regrettably, taking a picture in the parking lot was not an ideal location but we will share what we have.Thursday night sunset

As of this afternoon Wood Manor is ready for the new owners. Now we hold our breath, praying nothing goes wrong between now and the Oct 31 closing. It was sad for Anne, leaving Tuscaloosa this time. We said goodbye to the neighbors. They were always so good to Anne when she lived there and to Mama Ruby and Daddy Dwight. But, it’s time for someone else to enjoy the beautiful home Daddy Dwight built for the family. And time for us to move on.

FRED says goodbye to Wood Manor
FRED says goodbye to Wood Manor

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