Winding Down at Winding Rivers

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

It’s been a great two days in Wisconsin. Monday night we had rain and thunderstorms all night. Lots of lightening lit up the sky. Most of the team did not sleep a lot Monday night. Tuesday morning was a muddy mess in the parking lot and around the new portion of the church where we worked on Labor Day so we decided to all go back to Liana’s and Nate’s houses. At Nate’s we began installing drywall and encased a vent pipe that the plumber had installed. At the end of the day today after a lot of hard work, all the walls were covered in drywall. They now have a usable bathroom, with walls you can’t see through. We are sure they are feeling life is much better than it has been in a long time. At Lianna’s we worked on finishing the drywall, sanding and mudding. We also worked on completing the install of the sink. Unfortunately, when testing the sink, water appeared to be seeping out from under the drywall to the left of the sink. Today when we returned, and completed the sink installation, we thought there was no leak but after filling the sink several more times, the water appeared again. The leak is in the old drain pipe in the wall behind the sink. The agency decided that we should leave the leak for the plumber to rework. So at the end of the day all the mudding was done at Liana’s and part of the drywall had a coat of primer. When we all arrived back at the church today we worked on the drywall repair we started earlier and the final piece of tin was installed on the new addition.

Team presenting Bible to Teresa

Tonight we returned to Teresa’s for one last time to do her Bible presentation. It was good to see her again and again offer her encouragement. Her house isn’t completed because the basement still has to be filled with sand but we completed our portion. We will continue to pray for her as she continues to deal with the aftermath of the flood. It has been a great and busy two days.

We saw this young family on our Tuesday evening walk
We saw this young family on our Tuesday evening walk

Happy Labor Day!

A Gumby kind of day
A Gumby kind of day

Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day! As NOMADS, we labored on Labor Day. We work four days/week and since this is our last week, we don’t have the option of working Friday instead of Monday. It was a beautiful day but much warmer than the past several days. The high today was 80 and working out in the sun on the roof of the church it felt much hotter.

Since the VIM team was still here, our morning started in the kitchen at 6:00 am helping Roxy prepare breakfast. Since there was 25-30 people for every meal we thought Roxy needed some help. But we are looking forward to an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning.

We kept the entire team together today and worked on the addition to the church with Pastor Deb and her husband Larry. They are adding three bathrooms to the building that houses the volunteers and will be the future church building. It was nice to have everyone together for the first time in the five weeks we have been here. Today we completed installing the tin on the roof except for the very last sheet. We were one sheet short. Larry will try to purchase that last sheet tomorrow for us. We also began installing the sheathing. We did some drywall work in the building they are currently using for their sanctuary. Max, Rick and Tom also delivered 25 sheets of drywall out to Nate’s house so we can begin installing the drywall in the morning. Today was physically hard and the entire team is tired tonight but it was a great day. Lots of laughter and fellowship. Suspect we will be tired every night this week. Lots to do before we leave on Friday.

Last Weekend in Wisconsin

Sunday, September 1, 2019

In addition to watching coverage of the developing hurricane in the Atlantic, we spent Friday catching up on stuff for NOMADS and back in Alabama, writing reports and paying bills, etc. We also had to go to Mauston to pick up some plumbing parts for one of the houses where we are working. While there we went back to Carr Valley Cheese to buy a few thing to take with us when we leave. And of course since we were so close we had to stop at Culver’s for their flavor of the day.

We took advantage of the great weather and made Saturday a tourist day.

The VIM team continued their work on Sunday and accomplished quite a bit on the house they are helping build. We took the opportunity to enjoy our last worship service with the congregation of Winding Rivers. Today Pastor Deb continued her series titled “My Big Fat Mouth” with a sermon on gossiping and lying.

It’s been a wonderful and busy weekend.  Hope your Labor Day Weekend is great too.  We work tomorrow.  Only four work days left for 2019 and so much left to do.