Spear and Grindstone

Sunday, September, 29, 2019

This morning the team went back to Trinity UMC. They combined their early and 11:00 service with breakfast at 9:00 and worship at 10:00 for today’s special service featuring Goliath’s spear. They invited the team to breakfast and of course we gladly accepted. They served various breakfast casseroles as well as pan pancakes, all sorts of wonderful fruit and sweet rolls. The pan pancakes were new to us, but very tasty. We will probably try to prepare them ourselves soon. Good item to feed teams. Wonderful meal and we appreciate their hospitality so much.

Trinity traditionally does something special for their fifth Sunday’s. Today they invited Sheldon Rhodes to speak and bring Goliath’s Spear for display. The spear is a Biblically accurate replica of Goliath’s spear. The spear is 12’7” long and weighs 33 lbs 12oz. Along with the visual aid of the spear, Mr Sheldon brought a message of encouragement to us to seek God’s guidance to defeat the giants in our lives. Everyone faces giants such as relationship problems, employment problems, addictions, health problems and the list goes on. Just as God was big enough to help David defeat Goliath, He is big enough to help us defeat the giants in our lives. Giants are no match for our God. Good service.

This afternoon after a late lunch, Suzanne joined us for a road trip northeast of Sebewaing. We headed over to Grindstone, MI, about 35 miles northeast of our campground. We drove Michigan highway 25 that travels along the shore of Lake Huron in tip of the upper thumb. We passed through several tiny villages along the shore that bustle Memorial Day through Labor Day. A lot of things close after Labor Day. Our purpose for going to Grindstone was to visit the Grindstone General Store. (Click here for a PBS video about the store). It is known for the largest ice cream cones in the thumb and we were told it would be worth our trip. We really expected there to be an old general store with an ice cream shop inside. Reality is that the old general store is an ice cream shop now and there would be no reason for anyone to make the drive expect for the legendary huge ice cream cones and some really nice scenery. We had the homemade sassy peach cheesecake ice cream and Suzanne had the homemade crunchy cappuccino. We both got the ice cream in a cup rather than the waffle cone (which makes for a better picture) and both were very, very good. Amazingly the huge amount of ice cream is $3.00 for what they call one scoop. We stopped at a couple of the beaches for brief walks and pics on the way back. Just love to listen to the waves. It was another really good day.

As mentioned above we are in what is known as the “thumb” of Michigan. We saw several businesses that use that term in their name – like Thumb Bank and Trust and Thumb Educational Services. This was the funniest:Thumb Disposal

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