Extravagant Generosity

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Forgot to mention yesterday that while we were on the tour of the dairy with several other NOMADS, the ones who stayed back and assembling food kits for MMDC put together 1,920 food kits that will feed 11, 520 people.  Extravagantly generous with their time.

Today was love auction day. After our morning Bible study, devotion and meetings the silent auction opened. Then at 3:00 pm the live auction began.  Such a fun time! Crazy things happen at our love actions. Two watermelons were sold for $500 – each. A magnifying glass sold for over $700. One quilt sold for over $1,000. A love, or charity, auction is not a place to look for bargains. The bidders go into the auction having decided how much they want to give to the organization and have fun with it. Even though our attendance is down this year the auctions raised over $30,000. Extravagantly generous giving. In case you’re wondering, the money raised by the auction goes to help the agencies where we volunteer pay for materials and other expenses associated with our projects.

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