Busy Sunday!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The rain came in as expected this morning but cleared as the day went one. It really didn’t interfere with anything. We started the day with a morning gathering time at 8:00 as all the NOMADS gathered for the first time. We then had a worship service with communion. After lunch there was new team leader training, experienced leader training, dinner with our new NOMADS, alumni (members no longer working projects), and the Board. Next was a meeting with the auction committee and then our evening worship and memorial service/time of remembering the 21 NOMADS who died since our last meeting. It was a busy day but it was so great to see so many friends. Some people we haven’t seen since last annual meeting. We also got to meet so many new NOMADS. It was great. The rest of the week will be busy too but it will all be good.

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