Another Busy Week – and HOT

Friday, June 28, 2019

First, thank you for all the prayers and support for the Constructors for Christ and Hodge Missionary Baptist Church. We have not yet heard the official cause of the partial collapse of the trusses but we do know there were some serious storms Saturday and Sunday and we experienced one on Friday night before we left Saturday. We also know that the Constructors have had a great week and made great progress. They had all of the collapsed trusses cleaned up by Monday night. We also heard “we are having so much fun” from some of the youth there this week. Please continue to be in prayer because this church is impacting their community for Jesus.

The week 2 Constructors for Christ team was able to hang the rest of the trusses and install much of the sheathing.
The week 2 Constructors for Christ team was able to hang the rest of the trusses and install much of the sheathing.

We have had a busy week although probably not very interesting to anyone else. Of course it was great to be back at our home church, Lester Memorial and our Sunday school class. All of our summer mission teams were back in town so there were lots of hugs for everyone.

For the family: Monday morning we were in Birmingham for Aunt Jean’s appointment with the hand surgeon. She will be having surgery July 2 to remove a portion of the middle finger on her left hand and hopefully release the contracture on the other fingers. She doesn’t seemed bothered by this plan and didn’t want to wait another week. It is planned for same day surgery so she should be back in her bed Tuesday night. Please remember her and her physicians and caregivers in your prayers.

Tuesday we were back in Tuscaloosa working to clean out Anne’s dad’s warehouse. Wednesday was doctor appointment – no problems, another visit with the LOL’s and then back to Tuscaloosa for a few hours. Thursday was errands and some donations to the Hope House and finally today we got to stay home. Still lots of work to do around here. But we are making progress.

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