A Good Week In Tuscaloosa

Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring flowersToday was another beautiful spring day in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is in full bloom. Azaleas, star magnolias, dogwoods – all the trees full bloom. We are having the typical weather – cool enough to need a little heat to knock the chill off in the morning and then Fred wants a little air by 2-3:00 and then a light blanket again at night. It’s great!

What have we been doing this week. Working. Max thinks he needs to go back on project to get some rest. He has been doing the spring cleaning on the exterior of Fred. Everything is nice and clean now and the wheels and mirrors are bright and shiny. However, within a couple of hours of Max washing and treating the roof the pollen had collected in a thick layer on the roof. Guess we may have to rinse it off again in a couple of weeks when the pollen count declines. At least we are accustomed to this pollen and we can still breathe.


Anne has been working on accounting. There was all the business books to complete as well as tax returns for both the moms, the two aunts and our personal return. She is making good progress but will be really glad when she has it all completed. We have been getting in some good walks each day and have only been to Cookout for shakes twice. We did take a little break this afternoon and got our passport pictures made. Our passports expire in about 6 months so it’s time to get them renewed. We would love to go to the Canadian Maritimes, maybe back to Alaska, maybe other far away places. We also did a little shopping while we were out. Other than visiting with some of the neighbors, that’s about it for our week. Hope you had a good one.

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