Finished at the Tiffin Service Center – But Still in Red Bay

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Yesterday we were back in Bay 3 before 7:00 am. And by noon all of our outstanding warranty issues were fixed – we hope.  The intermittent issue with the front heat pump seems to be corrected, but we will have to try it a few more times to be sure.  Assuming the heat pump and radio problems don’t return, this may be our last trip here for a while because they completed the last of our warranty work.  From now on we will take care of things ourselves if it is within our abilities.

Drawers too smallAfter we finished there, Bunkhouse RV Conversions called to say we could come on over to get our new end cabinets installed. They looked good, except the cabinet shop made the drawers too small and they will have to be rebuilt next week. So today, since we had to check out of the Tiffin Service Center campground, we moved across the street to Bunkhouse’s campground.

Bunkhouse Campground. They also work on older RVs here.
Bunkhouse Campground. They also work on older RVs here.

Other than all that exciting news, Anne has been working on books and taxes and Max has been working around the rig. We did go to Hometown Pizza again yesterday afternoon and walked to Cardinal Drive-In this afternoon.  Of course we continue to make new friends and hand out more NOMADS brochures.

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