Everyone’s Here!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Ready for the team to arriveSome of our team members were scheduled to arrive yesterday, so we started the cloudy day by placing the NOMADS banner out by Old Hammond Road along with our directional NOMADS signs. Always like to see the signs out. We also did some more cleaning up of the parking area to reduce the amount of dirt and mud (when it rains) that people will track in their RVs. Anne did more accounting work on the LOL’s business. There was also some additional NOMADS Board work. Rita and Dave arrived around 3:30. So glad to see them again. Later Bob and Anne arrived. So we got those two motor homes parked and then the eight of us went out to dinner at Rice and Roux. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. We know we did. We had the sausage and chicken gumbo and fried fish. Good to visit R&R again.

Today we had our final two couples arriving. This morning most of the guys were tinkering around with their RV’s and Max worked on one of the power pedestals. The one for Anne and Bob’s site wasn’t working last night when they arrived. It was getting dark so we just plugged them into the site next to them because it’s much better to work on things in good light. Max found the breaker was loose so he was able to get the pedestal up and running in short order this morning. After visiting with the team awhile, we went to the grocery store to get supplies to prepare our vegetable soup for tomorrow night’s meeting. Soon, Harry and Janet arrived. So glad they made it out of PA before the snow storm hit. They stopped to visit with some of our mutual friends around Atlanta on their way south. A short time later, Nancy and Gary arrived. Now all our team is in place. Thank you Lord for safe travels for us all. We had some great time visiting and catching up and then took everyone on a little tour of the church. After everyone was getting settled in and ready for church tomorrow and work Monday, we went in the church kitchen to start the soup. It’s going to be another great project.The team is here

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