Wildlife And Ice Cream

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The clouds are still pretty thick and it’s been pretty grey in the Houston area. We have had some moments of sunshine but not many. Still having fog in the mornings. Today it has been much warmer with a high of 81 and more humid. Tomorrow we are suppose to get rain and dropping temperatures and by Friday our high will be 46. We will be pulling the jackets and sweat shirts back out.

Yesterday we primarily stayed in the park exploring. When we first checked into the park here one of the rangers suggested that we should look for the local wildlife – deer and woodpeckers. We hiked and biked several trails and saw both. None of the trails here are very long but most of them have a way of connecting so you can get several miles that way. Unfortunately, a number of the trails are still closed from the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The nature center here had between three and four feet of water in it and is still closed. They have the buildings cleaned out and have started the repairs but they still have a way to go on buildings and trails. We did leave the park long enough to find the Walmart in Sealy. It’s a small store but big enough.

Today we did a nice morning walk and then went to Brenham, TX, a quaint little town about 37 miles from the park. We met Linda and Dave there for lunch. We planned to eat at a restaurant they like called “Must Be Heaven.” Just our luck, they were closed today. We tried a restaurant around the corner named “Funky Art Cafe”. We all had different kinds of salads – they had many, and everyone enjoyed their choice. We visited for a while at the cafe and then decided to go visit the Blue Bell Creamery. Dave and Linda have been to Brenham many times but never been to the creamery so we all had a good time learning how they make one of our favorite ice creams. Today they were making Rocky Road. Unfortunately, they do not allow photos from the observation deck. It was really interesting to see.  After visiting the observation deck and having all our questions answered by a very nice docent, we went to the tasting room. We could taste anything and then purchase a large cup of ice cream for $1.00. If you ever happen to be in Brenham, it’s a real bargain. You don’t even have to go to the observation deck. You can just walk in and buy the ice cream. There were not many people there today so after getting our ice cream we were able to just sit and visit in the tasting area for a long while.

We noticed a nice looking meat market while driving to Brenham so we made a stop there on the way home. They had beautiful looking steaks and chops as well as all kind of smoked sausage, beef, jerky, turkey. We came home with some pecan smoked turkey we plan to used for sandwiches when we start back to work in Baton Rouge. This afternoon we did some more biking. It was another good day! It was great to see Dave and Linda again and talk about their recent travels.

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