Two Out Of Three

Sunday, February 3, 2019

This morning was like most mornings lately. Cloudy! Don’t know if this is the norm for this part of Texas this time of the year but we have had a lot of cloudy mornings with the sun breaking though for a beautiful afternoon. We had a beautiful afternoon today.

We planned to do three things today. Church, riding the River Trail and visiting the Riverside Nature Center. We went to early service at Kerrville First UMC . It is a beautiful church that looks new. They have three traditional services in the sanctuary and one contemporary in the fellowship hall. We attended the first early service at 8:15. There was a good crowd, a very good message from the senior pastor (They have three), and communion. The senior pastor and the one associate pastor we spoke with knew about NOMADS. Yea – maybe the word is getting out.

Inside Kerrville First UMC
Inside Kerrville First UMC

After a late breakfast, we headed out to ride the River Trail on our bikes. Perhaps because we rode earlier today, there were fewer people on the trail today. It was still a beautiful and fun ride. We rode to the end and back. Today when we turned toward home we discovered there was a strong head wind we had to fight against. Made for a harder ride today, but still fun.

One of the parks along the trail
One of the parks along the trail
Shoulda checked those hours
Shoulda checked those hours

Unfortunately, we did not do our homework on the Riverside Nature Center. It’s closed on Sunday. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad. It was still a great day. After some lunch we did a little more hiking in the park and then just relaxed outside at our campsite the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow is moving day.

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