“We’re Still Here!”

Friday, December 21, 2018

Maybe some of you were worrying about us because we had a bunch of views yesterday and today and there was nothing new for you to view. Sorry about that.

So, what has been going on? Weather-wise, the past two days reminded us of Lumberton. It has rained and rained. We walked out to check the mail late this afternoon and the ground reminded us of Lumberton. Soggy! BTW, the Lumber River is still in flood stage.

Wednesday, we went back to Oneonta. Max needed a haircut, really needed a haircut! We went by to see the Aunts, went shopping for them and then back to deliver the purchases. We also bought a new sink faucet for Helen’s house and groceries for ourselves. The rest of the day was spent on estate business. Thursday we went to Tuscaloosa, more estate business. It was an all day chore, some of which was not very pleasant. On the way home we stopped at Sam’s and Publix both of which had some really good samples, so we didn’t need supper. Today it was back to Oneonta to take care of some of Max’s Mom’s estate business, visited the Aunts, and picked up the last of the supplies for Christmas. The rest of the day was spent on accounting for Anne’s family, emails and an interview for a NOMADS applicant and more estate stuff. We were very busy, and the past three days have been very tiring/stressful, but not very interesting to read about. So, since we didn’t take any pictures, we did notice at the nursing home that they had filled the bed where they grow tomatoes in the summer with pansies. So pretty. Especially on such a gray, rainy day. A little bright spot that was appreciated.Pansy bed at the nursing home

Home Work

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Today was spent working around the house and handling mail from the last two weeks and taking care of more estate business.

Gutter cleaningThe highlight of Max’s day was cleaning the gutters.

In case you were wondering: number of feet of gutters on the house needing cleaning – 228; number of feet of gutters on FRED needing cleaning – 0.

Anyone want to buy a house?

Busy First Day Back At Home

Monday, December 17, 2018

Matching toothbrushes
Our dentist always gives us toothbrushes, but this is the first time he gave us matching toothbrushes.

Today we woke up to very dense fog. It was starting to burn off by the time we headed to the dentist office at 7:15 but still pretty thick in places. We both had dental appointments at 8:00. We were out of there a little before 9:00 and then we did some banking for the LOLs. That being done we had time to go back by the house before heading to Cullman for our annual physicals and Anne’s mammogram. There is already a lot of flu in our area and we were a little concerned about going and sitting in the doctor’s office and leaving with flu. However, the parking lot was not full and the office really didn’t seem that busy. Nice. We both got good reports. Of course labs and mammogram are pending.  We usually have morning appointments for our annuals, but since we changed the appointment in order to complete the Lumberton project, we ended up with afternoon visits and that meant a long, long fast before labs were drawn.  So, when everything was complete we treated ourselves to an early dinner at Carlton’s, a great local Italian restaurant. Lots of calories but it was our only meal today and it was so good!  Sorry, we just started eating and didn’t take a picture.

On the way back home we went to Oneonta to check on Helen and Jean. Jean who has been quite ill with a fever of 103 Friday, is doing much better. The IV antibiotics seem to be helping. Both Jean and Helen were glad to see us and we were glad to see them. It was a busy day and now we are home to keep trying to move back into the house. We are tired.

Pretty Little Christmas Tree
Max’s cousins, Steve and Sara, put this pretty little Christmas tree in Helen’s room

Back In Alabama

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It was another cloudy gloomy day. However, we got to spend the early morning with Debra, Randy and a short visit with Marsha and Carl. When they headed to church we got Fred rolling out of the mud back toward Alabama. The sun came out just as we were leaving Randy and Debra’s, but it didn’t last long and the drive from South Carolina to Pine Mountain was either cloudy or cloudy with light rain. Traffic wasn’t too bad, even through Atlanta. We stopped at two rest areas and then for fuel in Talladega. A good uneventful drive.

We are parking Fred at Aunt Helen’s now since our drive is so long and there is plenty of room in Helen’s drive. Haven’t decided yet exactly how much we are unloading and taking to the house. Guess we will make some of those decisions after we get through the dentist and doctor appointments tomorrow. One day at a time. Hope you all had a great Sunday.