Back In Alabama

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It was another cloudy gloomy day. However, we got to spend the early morning with Debra, Randy and a short visit with Marsha and Carl. When they headed to church we got Fred rolling out of the mud back toward Alabama. The sun came out just as we were leaving Randy and Debra’s, but it didn’t last long and the drive from South Carolina to Pine Mountain was either cloudy or cloudy with light rain. Traffic wasn’t too bad, even through Atlanta. We stopped at two rest areas and then for fuel in Talladega. A good uneventful drive.

We are parking Fred at Aunt Helen’s now since our drive is so long and there is plenty of room in Helen’s drive. Haven’t decided yet exactly how much we are unloading and taking to the house. Guess we will make some of those decisions after we get through the dentist and doctor appointments tomorrow. One day at a time. Hope you all had a great Sunday.

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