Beautiful Christmas Eve

Monday, December 24, 2018

Today was a beautiful December day. Definitely jackets required, but nice. We really enjoyed the sunshine. Just makes you feel better. We get these really nice Christmas Eve days fairly often in north Alabama but they are always appreciated. We remember those Christmas Eves and Christmas Days with highs in the teens.

This morning was spent doing more accounting, shredding paper, and mundane stuff like that. Anyone who has done accounting in the past knows that the first of the year you are always behind and we have been working to avoid some of the January long days/nights of work. Wednesday we will be closing one bank account and within another week hopefully another. That will decrease next year’s work a little. Two accounts we won’t have to deal with and balance each month. We are slowly making progress. But today we remembered we still have to prepare one more tax return for both our Moms. Yuk!

After taking some mail to the post office, we decided to hike out to the star to see if we could rappel down to some of the bulbs that can only reached by rope. It was such a nice afternoon for a hike. We were able to replace a few bulbs and Donna just sent us a text saying that she noticed the difference when driving by tonight. She and Barry did most of the work this year. Glad we could contribute a little. We sure need to find some younger people to take over the star. We would be glad to continue to help financially and when in town do some work but we are getting a little too old to be rappelling down the mountain. We are praying God will send someone.

Tomorrow's breakfastThis evening we prepared our Christmas Blueberry Baked French Toast to be ready for breakfast in the morning. It needs to soak overnight. Now we are relaxing and doing a few NOMADS emails. We hope everyone is ready for the celebration of our Lord’s birth tomorrow. In the midst of all the excitement, food, and family, please remember to keep Him the center of your celebration. It will make for a much better day.

Faucet installation
Oops! We failed to post this picture of the kitchen faucet installation yesterday. 🙂

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