Family Christmas Dinner

Saturday, December 22, 2018

We finally had sunshine today. And by this afternoon some of the puddles were drying up. Very nice. We got a little walking in today. Hopefully we will get more tomorrow.

Small group this yearWe started the day doing some more book work on Mama Ruby’s estate and work around the house. You know – vacuuming, cleaning. Things we all have to do. Then we prepared food for the Hallman Family Christmas Dinner, chicken and dressing casserole. Everyone liked it. Unfortunately the event was not well publicized this year and by the time people were aware, most had already made other planse for the day. We usually have quite the crowd and several tables full of food. Today we only had 15 people, but the food was great and we enjoyed visiting with the family that was able to attend. Okay family, Lester announced today that next year the event will be December 21, at the Community Center, at noon. Go ahead and mark your calendars and plan to come to Pine Mountain.

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