Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Yesterday we had a relaxing morning and then went to Greenwood, SC to do a little shopping. They guys went to Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply. The girls went to the mall. We all had fun and of course the guys spent the most money. We stopped by Cookout for lunch on the way home. We all did our afternoon walking together. Randy has a trail around this property so we can walk a loop and get about 1000 steps per round. Between that and the walking when we were shopping we got our miles done for the day.

Today was another cool but nice day in Johnston. We had another wonderful day to spend with Randy and Debra. Special time to just work together and have fun. Anne and Debra cooked most of the day. The nieces and nephews are coming tomorrow so we prepared food today so we can visit tomorrow. Of course we also cooked our Thanksgiving meal which was not traditional but oh so good. We topped if off with Pina Colada cake. We need to go walk another five miles.

Randy and Max worked outside part of today trimming trees and taking trees down that were too close to the house. There was some high ladder work but they were very careful and they were very glad to have marked that off Randy’s to do list. Debra and Anne watched from the kitchen.


That’s about it for today. It was great family time.

We also started a jigsaw puzzle today

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