Why We Travel With A Dash Cam

Monday, November 19, 2018

side swipe
Why we travel with a dash camera

Another chilly morning followed by a gorgeous day. The trees around Gaffney are pretty now. Probably a little past peak but still nice.

We started the day by getting Fred checked in for his annual checkup with Freightliner. We then went to Sunny’s Doughnuts to get some great doughnuts for ourselves and enough to share with the Freightliner crew and other’s waiting in the service waiting room. Unfortunately, while we were waiting another RV owner came back in. He had just left and as he was merging onto the interstate an eighteen wheeler sideswiped him and kept going. The accident broke his mirror off, broke the windshield and caused body damage all down the side. Poor guy was really shaken up. The people at Freightliner really helped him out even though they don’t do that type of repairs. They helped him contact police and his insurance and suggested a good body shop and they let him leave the rig here until the body shop can begin the work. Good people here at the Gaffney Freightliner Service Center. The owner had a dash camera running when it happened and the state police were able to get the tag number from the video. The video also showed that the truck driver drifted across the white line into the RV’s lane. That’s why we travel with a dash camera.

After lunch we went shopping for a while. While Anne was shopping at Hamrick’s Max went walking to an old school nearby and did some geocaching. When he came back inside he took a walk through the “Gourmet” food section. We also had a beautiful sunset this afternoon while on our afternoon walk. Fred got a great report from his checkup. It was another good day.

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