Another House

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Rainy eveningToday was a rather warm, high of 82, and mostly cloudy day. We had a little sun and it didn’t rain while we were working. However, it poured down just as we got back to Fred. We are supposed to start a cooling trend now. It’s going to be a slow drop in temperatures but the low a week from Wednesday is 31. That’s a little cooler than we want. However, the forecast will have many changes before that gets here.

Jo brought us devotion today and shared with us a devotion based on hurricane hangers. She wrote a poem with hurricane hangers reminding us of our walk with Jesus and how he holds on to us. It was an awesome poem. Thanks so much Jo. We then discussed our day yesterday, and plans for today. We had a good safety discussion reminding everyone how one mis-step or fall can change our lives forever. Be careful everyone.

We got the team started at Jackie’s house and then we drove out in the country, about 23 miles to our next house needing work. It was a nice drive with a lot of interesting yard decorations, peacocks, roosters, tractors. We met the very nice homeowners, Jim and Mary, and toured the mobile home with Jeff. We will be doing several things here but the largest job is rebuilding a bathroom. Everything will be removed and rebuilt. We will tear down to the floor joist and then bring it back to life. We will start demolition tomorrow. Should be a good rebuild.

The remainder of the day was spent with everyone working on various items. There was baseboard installed in a bedroom and window trim as well. Crown was painted. Caulking was done. The master bath got it’s first coat of paint. The master closet ceiling got a coat of ceiling paint and the walls are ready for a coat of paint. Doors were taken down and the ends painted as well. It was a busy day. Things are starting to look good but there is still much to do.

Oh, we promised you yesterday that we would show you the finished threshold at Cheryl’s. Max and Bruce went back there this afternoon to retrieve all the leftover building supplies and tools and took a picture.

BDM roofers
The Brethren Disaster Ministry roofing team was there again today and almost finished the roof.

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