More Work Days


We just found that this blog entry was never posted for last week.  We are having some internet issues and perhaps that was the problem.  Anyway, here it is.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Yesterday (Thursday), was an absolutely beautiful day. We think that the hurricane ended our summer of 2018 and we are now in fall for real. It will be chilly enough to start the turning of the leaves. And the highest high for the next 10 days is predicted to be 82 and several days the high will be 70. Very nice.

Anne had to go to Tuscaloosa to work on more estate business. There was a meeting with the accountant and another with the attorney. She had a long list of things to accomplish. After arriving and talking to her brother, more items were added. It was a busy day but a lot was completed. The final 2017 tax return was finally submitted. Jim came over from Atlanta to help out as well. While Anne was working in Tuscaloosa, Max was back at home working. He cleaned out the garage, a chore we had been putting off. It looks great now. He also cut us some new leveling blocks for Fred and took care of other needed chores.

mopping the roofToday was another beautiful day. Anne took care of more family business, banking, etc, and showed Mama Ruby’s house to someone that might be interested. Don’t think anything will come of this one because the house is larger than they thought. Max washed the roof on Fred, another chore that needed to be done but we just hadn’t taken time. roof finishedHe also finished it with a coat of 303 Protectant. The roof looks nice and we had good luck using the protectant on Fred One. The best part of the day was Anne arriving back home safely. Traffic was pretty heavy but not nearly as bad as in Tuscaloosa. With Alabama’s homecoming game tomorrow, the crowds were already arriving.

Now we have some more business to handle here and then packing out Fred. We will be preparing to head out next week. Fred gets unhappy if we let him sit by himself for too long :).

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