Weekend At The Sticks and Bricks

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Yesterday (Saturday) we worked around the house. We got all the laundry done and the grass cut. There was a lot of both to be done. After completing those tasks we took a nap. We had planned to go see the Aunts but decided we needed a little rest. We also got all the mail opened and sorted. Now we just have to take care of it all. Chore for another day.

This morning we were excited to be returning to Lester Memorial. Even though we went to bed early last night we are both still tired. Even so, we went to early service, Sunday school and then to visit the Aunts. It was good to see them again. They both recognized us which is always a relief as we know the day is coming when that will not happen. We showed them pictures from our recent mission projects and answered their questions. They seemed to be really interested and Helen as always told us how proud she was that we were out helping people. We were pleased to see how well they were doing today. Both seemed happy and well. cross at sunsetAfter our visit we got some lunch and as we were leaving Oneonta we saw some of NOMADS drive past us. That was when we remembered the Sumatanga project starts tomorrow. We did our shopping and then decided to drive to the camp to say hello to the team. We know all three couples that are working there the next three weeks. It was good to see them all. We would love to have the time to go help out since the team is not full. However, we have so much to do before heading to Lumberton. We will see how fast we can get it all done.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, got some rest and had a wonderful day of worship. Praying all our NOMADS friends have a safe week of work.

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