A Day Of Goodbyes

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cool temps this morning
Cool temps this morning

We stated the day with more rain. That means it has rained at some point of the day everyday since the annual meeting officially began on Sunday. Fortunately, it was just a fine mist when we were having to walk to the meeting area this morning. The heavy rain came while we were meeting and then there was no rain this afternoon. It has really cooled off. Our low tonight will be 56. That means it will be cool when we are doing our final departure checklist in the morning.

Today was another very busy day, but fun and sad at times too. This morning after 7:00 am Bible study and 8:30 devotion, we had the second half of the business meetings. That meeting ended with the gavel being passed to our new Chairman of the Board, Everett, and the official beginning of Anne, Mike and Carolyn’s four year terms on the board.

This afternoon Anne was in the mood for a break from the meetings and so she attended a line dancing class taught by some fellow NOMADS. That was a first, and she found it to be a lot of fun and good exercise. No problem getting steps today even though we didn’t get to walk this morning due to the rain. Max attended sessions hanging doors and windows and best practices for NOMADS. There was another leader training class this afternoon and tonight we had our closing meal together, barbeque from Corky’s. Very good! And the banana pudding and brownies were pretty awesome, too. Our choir gave a final worship concert after dinner. They did a great job. We have a lot of talent in this group. Then it was time for our last hugs and “see you down the road’s”. Some of our friends we will work with in a few weeks in Lumberton, NC and some we probably will not see until our meeting next year in Illinois. Even though we may be many miles apart, we will hold them in our hearts. Lots more to share but we must be ready to travel early in the morning so we will try to catch up a little later. Safe travels everyone.

NOMADS Choir Worship
NOMADS Choir Worship

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