Last Sunday at Camp Lake Stephens

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Last Sunday Worship at OUUMCIt’s Sunday and we again chose to worship at OU UMC, Oxford-University United Methodist Church. So it’s a little confusing to us outsiders but in the town of Oxford where the University of Mississippi is located and the church is right next to the University so somehow over the years the name became as above. And everyone in Oxford thinks nothing of it. Very welcoming church membership spanning all ages. Seems to be a healthy congregation. We have heard messages from both the senior pastor and associate pastor, both very good. The church is active in student support as you would expect but has active ministry to all ages. We have enjoyed our time at OU. We do miss our home church though and are so glad they stream the services. We came home today and listened to both last week’s and today’s message from Lester Memorial. We are blessed to have Pastor Harvey.

Dinner provided by the campWe are still getting rain here and had a nice afternoon rain. What could be better for a Sunday afternoon nap? Nice! We were invited to dinner tonight to meet some of Camp Lake Stephens Board. We actually met one of the members at church today as well. We also got to meet Rich’s wife tonight. Nice dinner with good conversation. They have a good ministry team here at the camp. We may come back here and do some drop in work. As all church camps, they can always use some extra hands to accomplish their work.

Did not get our usual exercise today due to the rain but still got our 10,000 steps, but only 3.8 miles.  Hope every one attended worship at the church of your choice today. Be sure to pray for your pastors during the week as they prepare for next Sunday. Remember that they face many of the same challenges that you face each day. Also, please be in prayer for all those in the path of our next hurricane.

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