Great Ending To Our First Week At Camp Lake Stephens

Thursday, August 30, 2018

This morning was a cooler 70 degrees when we took our morning walk. Too bad the coolness didn’t last very long and by noon it was another hot summer day. But the morning was very nice.

Peggy brought us a wonderful devotion this morning by reading us a story of an art collector who lost his son in war. It reminded us that whoever takes/accepts the Son, gets it all. It sparked some good conversation. Thanks, Peggy.

Today we completed the retreat cabin (Cabin ½). We and more importantly, Rich, the camp director, are very pleased with the outcome. Max and Kitty worked to complete it, while Anne and Peggy worked on putting together the IKEA furniture for the cabin. There is still more furniture to build next week but it’s looking good. We are trying to provide a wonderful retreat cabin for pastors where they can come to retreat, reflect, envision, and return to their churches revitalized. Camp Lake Stephens is committed to being a place where children, youth, and adults can encounter God and respond in faith to God’s call to transform the world. They have a dedicated staff that we are blessed to be getting to know and hope our work here somehow contributes to the success of their mission. It is a small camp by Sumatanga standards, more intimate and very pretty. We feel very welcomed, appreciated and comfortable here.


Back to our work. The barn crew today consisted of Carol, John and Shannon with some short term help from Max and others. They survived another sweltering day and continued to put up walls. They are making good progress in spite of the heat. They needed lots of hydration today. Max and Anne felt almost guilty for working in our air conditioned environment but not guilty enough that we wanted to be in the heat. A fencing crew (Dave, Mariel and Del) worked to complete the new garden fence started by some AmeriCorp volunteers. With a family retreat this weekend that area needed the fence completed to make things safer for the kids that will be here. It was another successful day for the team and we will all sleep well tonight.


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