Another Busy Day at Camp

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Team Picture Camp Lake Stephens 2018We again got up early enough to walk a couple of miles before devotion. We walked on the same county road in from of the camp and have yet to see a vehicle on it while we were walking.  It can have some pretty speedy cars later in the day but early morning it’s very quiet.

Kitty brought our devotion today. She referenced Sunday’s sermon and talked about how we should work to preserve our environment and county for future generations.

Since none of us finished our tasks yesterday, most of us returned to our same job sites to start off.

Shannon, Mariel and Carol finished the infirmary step by lunch and then moved to other tasks. Mariel and Shannon started working to replace the blinds in some of the cabins with curtains that someone made for the camp. Carol and Peggy worked on some landscaping.

Kitty, Anne and Max continued on the repairs and flooring in “Cabin ½”. There is also a “Cabin ¾”. These two cabins were built after all the others and come geographically before Cabin 1. Hence the numbers. Anyway, by the end of the day about half of the cabin flooring was down and some plumbing done.

Meanwhile at the barn, John, Dave and Del finished preparing for the concrete pour. After lunch the concrete truck arrived and they helped Rich, the camp director, and some of the staff and interns finish the concrete.

Another busy, and hot, day at camp.

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