Busy Two Days

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday SunriseIt has been another two very nice days here in Tuscaloosa. This morning was 70 degrees when we walked. Very nice. We walked a total of 8.1 miles today and 8.3 yesterday. That was divided between our morning and evening walks and parking away from the stores when we shopped. Two good exercise days. Today we had a beautiful sunrise as we walked.

Sausage, onion and cheese omeletteYesterday after our morning walk we tried out Mama Ruby’s ceramic skillet by making an omelet. It was a really good omelet and the skillet certainly was nonstick and cleaned up easily. We may have to consider ceramic for our next skillet.

Yesterday we met with the real estate agent about Mom’s house and another property. We have spent most of our time working on Juno’s estate, and Mama Ruby’s real estate in Tuscaloosa the past two days. There is just so much to do as those of you that have done this know. Just when we think we have something almost completed something else comes up. However, we know we are making progress. We are just ready for it to be done, finished, marked off the to do list.

Tomorrow we go back to Blount County to take care of some things for Helen and Jean. Praying for safe travel.

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