Leaving Deerlick Creek, For Now

Friday, August 17, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday were more hot Alabama summer days with scattered pop-up thunderstorms. We were able to spend a good deal of time outside reading, relaxing, hiking, sitting on the fishing pier and just watching the river go by. They continued to dismantle the equipment used on the gate installation at Holt dam but by Thursday there really wasn’t much left so see. Today it didn’t appear they were working on the construction site. Of course, the barges continued to lock through but at longer intervals between than when the lock first reopened.

We have really enjoyed our time back really camping rather than the driveway camping we have done all summer. On our morning walk today we saw six deer and two turkeys. This week we have also seen a young coyote at the dumpster, seen where the raccoons got into someone’s garbage but didn’t see the raccoons, and unfortunately, several wolf spiders. Fortunately they were all outside. It’s amazing how their legs look almost exactly like the pavement. It makes them hard to see unless they are moving. They are big guys – about 2.5” across. Would not want them inside the house.

Last night we had new neighbors arrive. We enjoyed the little time we had with them. They are Romanians living in California, driving their oldest son to Virginia to begin college at a Christian university. You just meet the nicest people camping.

Tonight we are back in Tuscaloosa at Mama Ruby’s, doing laundry, and enjoying our three mile walks that end with Cookout milkshakes. Hope everyone has had a good week and has an even better weekend.

Last morning walk at Deerlick Creek
Last Morning Walk at Deerlick Creek, for now.

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