Red Bay In The Rear View

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Red Bay in the Rear ViewWe were not up quite so early today with no 7:00 am appointment. We had no real schedule except we were suppose to be out of our camp site by 1:00. No problem. We were up for our morning 3.5 miles in the cool 68 degrees. Also had a little breeze. Nice walk. When we came back to our site we met our new next door neighbors and talked with them for a while. They had never been to the Service Center so we answered a lot of questions for them. We also talked to them about NOMADS. Then we packed up and hit the road back to Tuscaloosa. We had an uneventful drive and are back in Mama Ruby’s driveway for a few days. Anne has some more estate business to handle. We are making progress. Another shorter walk tonight. It is noticeably warmer and more humid in Tuscaloosa. Of course we are further south. Didn’t go to Cookout for a shake tonight but doubt we will let another 24 hours go by without that visit.

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