Let There Be (more) Light

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Today was a cloudy, cloudy day. Threatened rain a few times but not a drop did we see. It was cooler today with the high in the low 80s. Much nicer.

Unfortunately we went over to the paint department shortly after 7:00 and found that they had just received our paperwork and they didn’t think they would get us in today. They didn’t. They did come by the rig about 3:00 to see exactly what we needed done and told us to be at the paint bay at 7:00 am tomorrow. They think they will finish the paint tomorrow. Things always seem to take longer than we expect so we are hoping to be back in Tuscaloosa on Thursday. We shall see.

Since it was another waiting day, we did some laundry and then worked on the under-counter lighting for the galley area. We were able to run the wires while they had the cabinet out and they cut the holes for the lights when they built the cabinet so things went very nicely today. We are really pleased with the lighting. The dark work area is no more. We think we are really going to enjoy having this little addition to Fred.

Friends at Red BayThis evening we met some more people who might be interested in NOMADS and handed out two more brochures. Working to spread the word. We also had a gathering of several of us that have made friends in our long time in Red Bay. Most of us think we will be leaving over the next day or two so we had a little good bye, safe travels time and Dean brought some key lime pie for everyone. Good times here in Red Bay even though we all get tired of waiting. Now it’s time to get things packed back up for another early morning appointment.

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