New Family In The Neighborhood

Friday, June 29, 2018

New Family in the Neighborhood
New Family in the Neighborhood

We were up early this morning and it was nice and cool. Nice!! We went for an early 3 miles and it was the best walk we have had in months. Oh, we were still needing a bath when we returned to Fred but it was certainly a much more enjoyable walk. On our first loop we met a new family of very young ducklings. Very cute.

After a bath and a quick breakfast we were on the road back to Oneonta. We received a call yesterday afternoon that Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean were going to move to a new room. They are now back on the rehab hall up close to the desk. Room 403 for the family. The staff said they would stay in this room permanently. The facility needed to make some moves that had nothing to do with our ladies and so we were told, the nurses on the rehab unit said that if they were going to get long-term care patients they wanted Helen and Jean. We had a very good experience on that wing for rehab so we were fine with the move. We helped get them moved and re-hung some pictures and arranged some things for them. They both said they liked their new “apartment” and seemed quite content when we left this afternoon. They are having a little problem finding their room again but the staff will help them until they get reoriented. Everything seemed good so we are happy.

BLT with Blount County Tomato
BLT with Blount County Tomato. It was almost gone when we remembered to take a picture.

Max got a hair cut while Anne went to the Whited Farms produce stand and purchased some fresh, home grown, Blount County tomatoes and another watermelon. Always glad when we can get our first locally grown tomatoes. Then we had a good visit with Donna at Blount Office Supplies. We really miss Donna and Barry. We will try to make up for lost time when we get things completed in Tuscaloosa. We returned to the mountain to check on the house and stopped at Helen’s to visit with Debra and Carol for a while. They were having a few days of visiting and playing Scrabble and other games. It was great to spend some time with them. Thanks for allowing our interruption of your game, ladies.

Only One Big Limb in the DrivewayThe storm that came through late yesterday afternoon did a fair amount of tree damage in our area and we were not sure what we would find on our tree covered driveway and house. We did have some limbs down but nothing that could not be easily moved and fortunately, no limbs on the house. Again we were very blessed.

We got back on the road just before rush hour and made it back to Tuscaloosa without problems. Once we got back to Fred, it was time to fry up some bacon and make BLTs. BLTs with Blount County tomatoes, and watermelon. Two of the best things of summer.

We have done a lot of work in Tuscaloosa the last few weeks. Hopefully we are about to see some fruits of our labors. We will let you know. It was a busy day but good day. Hope everyone has a great weekend. It is now 8:00 pm and it is still 90 degrees with a heat index of 98, so we may talk ourselves out of walking tonight.

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