Baton Rouge To Hattiesburg

Saturday, May 19, 2018

It was another sunny morning in Baton Rouge. It was a little foggy early this morning. They were headed back for hot temperatures, but we weren’t there to experience it.

Leaving Baton RougeWe got up and continued the interior pack up that we started last night. We went in the church and made sure we left everything there as it should be, then finished up the outside pack up. A little breakfast and hugs from Carol, Dave, Stel and Jodi and it was time to put Baton Rouge in the rear view mirror. We departed at 9:55. Anne drove the first leg today, to the Mississippi welcome center, with light traffic and no accidents or construction delays. Max drove the remainder for the way to Hattiesburg, MS, again with light traffic. When we pulled into Oak Grove UMC about 1:00, we were greeted by our leaders Mary Ann and Gene, as well as Jackie and Bryant, and Gloria and Larry. We have worked with Gene and Mary Ann previously and look forward to our week with them. We also worked with Jackie and Bryant about a year ago and it was great to see them again. Great to renew precious friendships. We had met Gloria and Larry at Amana annual meeting last year but haven’t worked with them or our other team members Norman and Nula. So now we have four new friends.

Set up in HattiesburgAfter getting Fred parked and setup, Gene and Mary Ann came over for a tour of the new rig and a visit. It was nice to have a little time to get caught up. The team had supper all planned. Team dinner and group selfieGloria made a chicken white bean chili, Mary Ann made fried corn bread and Jackie brought the salad. It was all so good. And then we had ice cream for dessert. Thanks so much, team. It’s always nice to not have to worry about what is for dinner on a travel day. After dinner we cleaned the love bugs off the front of Fred and then joined the team for some games. We played Catch Phrase – guys against gals. It was a fun evening. We left the rest of the team playing to return to Fred to finish the laundry, write the blog and rest. Don’t forget to be praying for your pastors and the services tomorrow. Stay safe everyone.

Goodbye, For Now

Friday, May 18, 2018

Today was another beautiful HOT day. However, just before leaving work a little before 4:00 it started raining. Amazingly, when we were driving home this afternoon it was 72 degrees. All week long it has been above 90, 93 the past two days, when we drove home. 72 – Nice!

Team picture week 10 of Baton Rouge DR 2018We started the day this morning with Pastor David coming over to take a picture of the team before everyone started leaving. He frames a picture of each team that stays at Francis Asbury UMC and hangs it in the hallway of the church. After visiting with Pastor for a while, Stel, Dave, Carol, Anne and Max headed back to Richard’s house to try to finish up some of the loose ends we left yesterday afternoon. The project is officially over but we decided to stay one additional day. We all have other places we have to be next week so today was the last day. We missed Lisa and Mark today but they had to head home this morning. They will be enjoying some grandparent duties tomorrow. We feel really good about what was accomplished today. When we left today all the doors were hung, all the flooring was completed, the shower was caulked, most of the base was down, trim work was up, transition strips were installed and a lot of clean up was done.

We brought a lot of the tools and other supplies back to Francis Asbury for storage and use by the summer volunteers.  There is a youth group already scheduled to go to Richard’s to do all the construction debris cleanup, get the large heavy tools back to the church and install the insulation under the house once the plumbing is complete.  The plumbing should be complete next week and Richard and Sandy should be able to move into their new home. They are very excited and happy. We can only try to imagine our home being bulldozed down after a flood and still living in a FEMA trailer 22 months later. May God continue to be with Richard and Sandy as they finally get to move in their home. We have promised them we will visit them next February when we return to Baton Rouge. Looking forward to that reunion and seeing them enjoying their home. Goodbye for now

Thank you to all the Louisiana UM Disaster Response team members, Francis Asbury church members and the entire Baton Rouge community for so warmly welcoming us and allowing us to assist in your rebuilding efforts.

Last Day Of 2018 Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Today was a repeat of every other day this week from the weather standpoint. Beautiful, HOT 93 degrees, few clouds, no rain. Very thankful for indoor work.

Lisa brought our devotion today, and talked to us about our purpose. God calls us to His purpose. The devotion was from God Hunger which you can get from YouVersion. We use devotional readings from the YouVersion reading plans every day and really enjoy our YouVersion Bible app.

Today was officially the last day of the Baton Rouge project. (More on that later.) Darryl and Charles were on site most of the day working on plumbing and they still have a ways to go. Anne, Lisa and Carol worked on flooring. They made good progress in the hall, kitchen and pantry but did not get that job completed. Close, but not complete. There were several complicating factors like taking the doors off the refrigerator and moving it, moving the stove and cleaning out the pantry. All that took almost to first break. Dave and Susan worked on reinstalling baseboards, and other trim. Stel and Max worked on installing doors while Mark and Paul worked on some electrical issues. Mark and Paul joined Max and Stel on doors later in the day. There are still two doors to install.



All three doors installed in the first bedroom
All three doors installed in the first bedroom

The team presented a Bible to Richard and Sandy todayFor lunch today, the team purchased the food and Richard cooked for us. Richard and his wife Sandy and one of his daughters joined us for lunch. We had wonderful brisket, garlic mashed potatoes and green peas with onion. Wow! It was hard to go back to work after that. Richard did a lot of catering in the past and really knows how to cook.  Darryl, Charles and two of the case managers from the conference also joined us. We presented the Bible that all the NOMADS members who have worked on this project signed, wrote notes and scripture for Richard and Sandy. We also had a prayer of special blessing on their home. We really wanted to be totally finished but we aren’t. So… some of us have decided to work one more day. We think with one more day we can complete everything that we were asked to do.



Last Thursday Night Get TogetherAfter work and showers, the team went to Freddy’s for supper and dessert, or just dessert, (ice cream sundaes.) You can guess what we had. There is a Freddy’s within walking distance of Mama Ruby’s house but we have never been. The custard from Freddy’s gives the milkshakes from Cookout a run for the money. We may be having to split the visits when we return to Tuscaloosa.

Please be remembering all the NOMADS that are traveling this weekend, including this entire team, in your prayers.

Flooring Wednesday

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No record temperature today as it was only 93. But it was a hot and humid 93. Again there were some scattered showers but nothing any where close to us. We didn’t even hear any thunder today.

Paul and Susan led us in devotion today. They started with the question, “what inspires you?” We each thought about that and then shared our answers. There were some similar answers but all a little different. Thoughts included, doing things with people, beautiful sunrises, nature, grandchildren, morning devotions, seeing God’s hand in daily events, and we think we all agree that NOMADS inspires us. They closed with “volunteers are not unpaid because they are useless, they are unpaid because they are priceless.” Like that.

Loading doorsWe then loaded up a couple of doors onto Stel’s and Paul’s trucks and headed back to Baker. Charles and Daryl had already delivered 4 doors, so we now have all six we need to install. Today was primarily a flooring day. Max and Anne completed bathroom one and then build out the cased opening between the shower room and the remainder of the bathroom. While we were doing that Stel and Lisa completed the flooring in bedroom two and bath and closet two. Dave, Mark, Carol, Susan and Paul all worked at some point on cleaning out the living room/dining room area and preparing the floor for the laminate. Paul and Mark also worked on electrical as well as trimming out the windows in bedroom one. The rest of us all worked on the laminate in the main room. We pushed really hard and completed all but one piece of the laminate in the main room. All that remains is the kitchen and small hall and pantry. Not nearly as large an area but lots of corners and will be time consuming. Daryl was there part of today working on plumbing but it is a long way from being complete. Don’t think he will complete that tomorrow.


We basically still have 6 doors, window trim and trim for the cased opening, and the remaining laminate to install. Also, a lot of clean up outside. Doubt we will get it all completely done tomorrow but it will be close. This has been an extremely hard working team and much has been accomplished.

We were too hot and tired this afternoon so we didn’t go to the park to walk today. We did have ice cream for supper for the second day in a row. (Confession is good for the soul.)