Last Day Of 2018 Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Today was a repeat of every other day this week from the weather standpoint. Beautiful, HOT 93 degrees, few clouds, no rain. Very thankful for indoor work.

Lisa brought our devotion today, and talked to us about our purpose. God calls us to His purpose. The devotion was from God Hunger which you can get from YouVersion. We use devotional readings from the YouVersion reading plans every day and really enjoy our YouVersion Bible app.

Today was officially the last day of the Baton Rouge project. (More on that later.) Darryl and Charles were on site most of the day working on plumbing and they still have a ways to go. Anne, Lisa and Carol worked on flooring. They made good progress in the hall, kitchen and pantry but did not get that job completed. Close, but not complete. There were several complicating factors like taking the doors off the refrigerator and moving it, moving the stove and cleaning out the pantry. All that took almost to first break. Dave and Susan worked on reinstalling baseboards, and other trim. Stel and Max worked on installing doors while Mark and Paul worked on some electrical issues. Mark and Paul joined Max and Stel on doors later in the day. There are still two doors to install.



All three doors installed in the first bedroom
All three doors installed in the first bedroom

The team presented a Bible to Richard and Sandy todayFor lunch today, the team purchased the food and Richard cooked for us. Richard and his wife Sandy and one of his daughters joined us for lunch. We had wonderful brisket, garlic mashed potatoes and green peas with onion. Wow! It was hard to go back to work after that. Richard did a lot of catering in the past and really knows how to cook.  Darryl, Charles and two of the case managers from the conference also joined us. We presented the Bible that all the NOMADS members who have worked on this project signed, wrote notes and scripture for Richard and Sandy. We also had a prayer of special blessing on their home. We really wanted to be totally finished but we aren’t. So… some of us have decided to work one more day. We think with one more day we can complete everything that we were asked to do.



Last Thursday Night Get TogetherAfter work and showers, the team went to Freddy’s for supper and dessert, or just dessert, (ice cream sundaes.) You can guess what we had. There is a Freddy’s within walking distance of Mama Ruby’s house but we have never been. The custard from Freddy’s gives the milkshakes from Cookout a run for the money. We may be having to split the visits when we return to Tuscaloosa.

Please be remembering all the NOMADS that are traveling this weekend, including this entire team, in your prayers.

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