Floors, Rails, and Burgers

Thursday, May 31, 2018

ThermometerIt was another hot, 100% humidity day today. It rained over night but none today. Not even a scattered brief shower. The team was really starting to feel it today. We are glad it’s NOMADS Friday and everyone has three days to get a little rest.

Devotion today was by Debbi from 1 Peter 5:6-9. The key verse was 5:6. Debbi shared some experiences at her last job in relation to that verse, “Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God and at the right time He will lift you up in honor.” We had some good discussion. Thanks, Debbi, for sharing with us. It was then time to head back to James’.

Debbi and Wayne with some intermittent help by Max continued the work on the porch railings. They completed that task this afternoon and we think it looks amazing. And so much safer!

Nula and Phil worked on the closet in the second bedroom and ran in to a few complications but completed bedroom #2 shortly after lunch. Dave, Carol and Anne worked on the living room and hall. There were several complications there as well. Keeping everything straight and square as we worked down the hall with so many doors, i.e. open space was a challenge. There were also some problems at the front door. Last night’s rains left a wet spot under the door so time was spent working on that leak. Nula and Phil joined us in the living room this afternoon. We ended the day with the hall basically complete and the living room about ½ complete. We also still have to install laminate in 3 hall closets and part of the laundry room. Hopefully Monday, after some rest, we will be able to make more progress.

We were pleased today when our home owner, James, accepted our invitation to join us for lunch at R3SM. He seemed to really appreciate the invitation and it gave us time to get know each other better. A special time. Usually we eat at the job site so if the home owner is there they can join us but since we are less than five minutes from R3SM’s air conditioned comfort with nice big clean restrooms, we go there for lunch. With the heat of this week, we all needed to rest in the cool for a while.

Ed's signThis evening the team went to Ed’s Burger Joint for dinner. Yes, we all had burgers, gourmet burgers. They were Angus beef burgers, minimum of two patties, with various dressings, additions. Dinner at Ed'sWe are so glad we split ours. It was very good but also very large. We also had sweet potato fries and a milkshake. The shake was very good! Then in true NOMAD fashion, most of us went to Harbor Freight on the way home. Yep there were a few purchases made. The food was good but the fun time with our team was even better. It’s also nice to be starting our weekend. One more week to go.


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