Restful Day

Friday, May 11, 2018

Another hot, sunny day in Baton Rouge with the high above 90 again. The humidity is going up and today felt hotter than yesterday.

The entire team is tired. The project is winding down and we have been working really hard so everyone just sort of took today to rest at home. We went to Mary Lee doughnuts this morning for breakfast of an apple fritter. It was again quite good, along with the blueberry cake doughnuts. Yep, fried chicken last night and doughnuts this morning. We have got to return to some healthier eating habits. We washed some clothes and started on the cleaning of Fred, then took a break and went to Home Depot. We have been wanting a new ladder and decided which one we wanted when we were here a month ago. We decided to wait and make the purchase when we returned to Alabama so we wouldn’t have to transport it back. Wouldn’t you know, none of the Home Depots in our area carry the ladder. While we were still in Alabama we checked the LA stores and they all have the ladder. So today we made the purchase. We also made a trip to Lowe’s for some additional small purchases. However, the new volt meter we purchased doesn’t work so we will have to return it tomorrow. Max is so sad we will have to go back to Lowes. NOT. Of course neither is Anne. Lisa has agreed to shorten Anne’s recent purchase of overall’s from Deluth Trading and they got those pinned up today. Lisa is very talented and creative. Otherwise, we spent some time relaxing and visiting with different members of the team and watched a Hallmark mystery we recorded sometime back. It was a good day.

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