Ditto Tuesday

Tuesday, Mary 8, 2018

First of all, thanks to those of you who have made recent comments on the blog. We love hearing from you and when appropriate we share responses with the team. They always love hearing from fellow NOMADS and friends.

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday only it seemed a little more humid. We brought devotion to the team this morning and used one of the Seedbed devotions from the study on John back on March 21, 2017. The title was “Why Jesus Must Be More Than the Solution to Our Problems”, from John 6:30-37. It seemed to be well received and sparked some discussion. The focus was that sometimes we look for solutions when we need a Savior. Jesus is not God’s solutions to all our problems. He is God’s gift of himself to us. We need to entrust ourselves completely to Him.

After devotion and a brief team meeting, we ran into Pastor Laraine in the kitchen and were able to talk to her about NOMADS returning to Baton Rouge next February. It was great to see Loraine even for just a few minutes. We then made the drive to Baker and began work again, where we left off yesterday. Stel, Anne, Carol and Mark worked on sanding and finishing the drywall. Mark also helped with unloading the flooring. Lisa painted the bathroom and later started in the bedroom. We started sending tools back from the job site todayMax worked on more underlament, unloaded flooring, loaded the truck with tools we no longer needed for return to the tool room and some general cleaning. Dave unloaded the flooring, and did some general cleaning, and worked in the bathroom on the vent fan, counter top and trim. We are making what sometimes seems slow progress but we can definitely see the end in sight. The flooring was delivered today. It will be exciting to start that portion of the job because that means the end is near. We so want to see Richard and Sandy back in their home. We will be close.

Stel didn’t work this afternoon because she had to take Jodi back to the doctor. They removed the staples and discharged Jodi. Thank you, God! She still has to take it easy for a few more weeks but can be more active and has no travel restrictions. We, of course, hope they will stay another week until the end of the project. They are on their eighth week here now and they would also like to see Richard and Sandy in their house, but they also have been away from home a long time. It will be a hard decision for them to make.

After we all got back to the church this afternoon, we got together for root beer floats. It was a nice cool treat to end a hard, hot day of work.

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