FRED Looks Good

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Windy, chilly day today with bright sunshine. If not for the wind it would have been really nice but with the wind it required jackets all day.

Today we again got up and did our walking and then had breakfast. We worked in the house for a while waiting for it to warm up a little. Anne decided to make some phone calls to companies who do estate sales and is considering this as an option. Actually, Mama Ruby mentioned it at one time saying “you will just have to have an estate sale because I know you kids don’t want or need all my stuff.” Didn’t think that much about it at the time but now when we look around the house at all the stuff and become overwhelmed with it all it is sort of comforting to know she was okay with us doing just that. Both companies today suggested that we only remove the documents, pictures and items that we want to keep and leave everything else. The said we would be surprised at what would sell. So we may stop packing up clothes and move to the office and pack it up next. We will have to have a family discussion about all this.

Polishing the wheelsAfter it warmed up a bit, we washed the rear end cap and passenger side of FRED. We also polished the wheels. FRED looks brand new. Of course the pollen is already making him a little yellow but that’s springtime in Alabama. We did our evening walk just before dark and now we are having a nice cup of hot tea. Not very exciting reading but another good day.

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