Moving Right Along

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today was a mostly cloudy day but boy when the sun was out it was hot and humid. We were thankful for the overcast skies. We had a couple of tiny showers. It was just enough to make us cover up the chop saw once but by the time it was covered the rain had stopped.

Today devotions were led by Stel and Jodi who again did a great job. They shared the history and significance of the folded napkin found in the empty tomb. We then headed to the job sites. Again today, Jo and Mark went to the Denham Springs house to repair the bathroom floor. They got that completed this afternoon and tomorrow we plan for them to be back working on the framing at Richard’s house. Yea! We missed them. We may need to go back to that house later this week or next to set the bath tub, toilet and do some drywall work but we need everyone at Richard’s tomorrow while we hope to have dry weather. We shall see.

At Richard’s we made good progress. Suzanne and Lee Ann completed the painting of the siding for the first addition and put up the first couple of pieces. It’s going to look good. And they got to use a new tool that none of the rest of us have tried yet. It’s for cutting the concrete board siding. From what I hear, we may have a purchase in our future.

The framing of the second bedroom addition moved ahead today. We started on the decking this morning and finished that in time for a slightly late lunch. We then removed the remainder of the siding and part of the sheathing in preparation for starting the rafters. The window air conditioner was removed as that is where the door into the bedroom will be. We also raised one wall of the addition and began the layout of another. We are pleased with all that was accomplished today. This addition is moving faster because we learned a lot on the first bedroom and bath. Before we left we covered all our lumber in case it rains tonight. A front is going to come through and it’s looking like Thursday will be a rain day, but we are hoping for at least a good half day of outside work tomorrow.

We were all pretty tired tonight but still had enough energy to meet after showers for left over pie from Sunday’s dinner and a brief card game. This team really knows how to work and play and laugh.

Great Start For Week Three

Monday, March 26, 2018

Today was another nice but hot day in Baton Rouge. It was cloudy at times but there was a lot of sunshine too.

After devotions by us at 7:30, we all again headed out to Baker, LA, to Richard’s house. The first part of the day we all worked on getting the second bedroom addition started under Gary’s direction. It got of to a pretty fast start but then we were out of materials and worked on some other things. It began with removal of the siding and sheathing and cutting studs and corner posts for the wall. The best part of the morning was Stel was able to get the smoke detector rough wiring done and the electrical inspector came by and approved our electrical rough-in. Now we can complete the installation of the insulation and start the drywall in bedroom #1. Mark also got part of the plumbing done this morning. While all that was going on, Suzanne and Lee Ann worked on getting the first coat of paint on the siding. The siding is looking good, but of course it will need another coat of paint after installation.


When the materials arrived it was full speed ahead on the second addition. There was lots accomplished and by the end of the day all the floor joists were installed. In between all that there was drywall to unload and two loads of lumber. Of course, the next pieces of lumber, the floor decking, were on the bottom of the last load.


Little hole in floor
“Little” hole in floor

This afternoon Mark and Jo went to another house to do an “emergency” repair of the bathroom floor. The report we received was that there was a small hole that needed repair to keep the bugs out and to make it safe. When they arrived it was a much larger situation. They got started on the repair this afternoon but that quick little project is going to turn into a multi-day project.

Much was accomplished today but there is a lot more we want to get done this week before we loose three couples at the end of the week. We were all tired tonight but suspect we will be tired every night this week. We will see what tomorrow brings.

The house at the end of the third Monday
The house at the end of the third Monday

Busy, But Great, Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Today started early for us since the pastor asked us help prepare for the joint service today. We started setting up tables and unloading grills at 7:00 and continued from there. There were tables to wash, table covers, tents to set up, many chairs to take to the tents, assistance in the kitchen, bathrooms to clean and meeting many nice people. Before we knew it it was time for the service.

The choir and pastor from Preserve Life Church, across the street, led the service today. It was a lively, spirit filled, Palm Sunday service.  It did our hearts good to see the two neighboring churches worshiping together.  After the service we all had dinner together. It was wonderful. Some of the men of the Preserve Life Church grilled chicken and sausage and then there were all the traditional sides plus some not so traditional (at least for Alabama) sides and they were all wonderful. We ran out of room on the dessert table there were so many. We couldn’t begin to try them all but what we had was wonderful.

NOMADS helped the church clean up

After dinner the NOMADS stayed to help clean up and then it was nap time. Tonight we found the church left us a lot of food in the refrigerator for us to enjoy this week. Yep, it’s a 5-10 pound project.

We had team meeting at 6:00 tonight and got to know our new team members a little better. There was so much laughing. Sometimes we wonder if there is a serious bone in any of us. Sure is good to really laugh. Have a good week.

Another Move In Day and Another God Thing

Saturday, March 24, 2018

It was another nice day in Baton Rouge. It was windy and cloudy at times which was not predicted but still a nice day.

We slept in a little late (6:30 for Anne but that’s better than the usual 5:00) and then Max cooked breakfast. Helping get the church ready for Palm SundayA smoked sausage and cheese omelet. It was a really good way to start the day. After breakfast Rita, Anne, and Jo swept and mopped the sanctuary and fellowship area, with Max’s help hauling buckets of clean hot water. The floor had not been cleaned since the 60 college kids were here and it was in bad need of a good cleaning. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and Francis Asbury worships outside under a tent with the church across the street and then there is a dinner for both congregations at Francis Asbury. We thought the floor should be cleaned before the gathering. Suzanne arrived about the time we were completing that project. So glad she was able to come in a week earlier than she originally planned. We had asked her to come early to take Cindy’s place. She agreed and headed this way. Yesterday, Jo and Mark checked the web site and there was still an opening for next week. So they signed up. Now we had two RVs for Cindy’s one spot. Suzanne told us she could just go without connections for a week. We looked around and unbeknownst to us the Conference had installed another 50 amp connection for the shower trailer that was used by the college students. And it was on a cord long enough to be moved within reach of where Suzanne parked her trailer. Another “God Thing”. We can use all the help we can get because our project at Richard’s has now doubled in size. The conference disaster committee decided Thursday we would build a second bedroom. NOMADS will be working at Richard’s for several more weeks.

Trying out our new grillFor lunch we decided to try out our new grill. Max grilled some hamburgers with cheese and bacon mixed in. We were very pleased with the results. Another good meal. A short time later our other new couple, Barrie and Lee Ann arrived. So glad they are here safely. They have had some hard travel days due to the strong wind hitting the side of the rig coming across Texas the past three days. So all our chicks are in the barn again and we can relax.Seven rigs in place

After cleaning the church, Rita, Dave, and Mark played golf and Jo went along with them. They all had a good time. Tonight there was another card game for those wanting to play.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. Be in prayer for services tomorrow and all week. Hope you are having a good weekend.