Another Move In Day and Another God Thing

Saturday, March 24, 2018

It was another nice day in Baton Rouge. It was windy and cloudy at times which was not predicted but still a nice day.

We slept in a little late (6:30 for Anne but that’s better than the usual 5:00) and then Max cooked breakfast. Helping get the church ready for Palm SundayA smoked sausage and cheese omelet. It was a really good way to start the day. After breakfast Rita, Anne, and Jo swept and mopped the sanctuary and fellowship area, with Max’s help hauling buckets of clean hot water. The floor had not been cleaned since the 60 college kids were here and it was in bad need of a good cleaning. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and Francis Asbury worships outside under a tent with the church across the street and then there is a dinner for both congregations at Francis Asbury. We thought the floor should be cleaned before the gathering. Suzanne arrived about the time we were completing that project. So glad she was able to come in a week earlier than she originally planned. We had asked her to come early to take Cindy’s place. She agreed and headed this way. Yesterday, Jo and Mark checked the web site and there was still an opening for next week. So they signed up. Now we had two RVs for Cindy’s one spot. Suzanne told us she could just go without connections for a week. We looked around and unbeknownst to us the Conference had installed another 50 amp connection for the shower trailer that was used by the college students. And it was on a cord long enough to be moved within reach of where Suzanne parked her trailer. Another “God Thing”. We can use all the help we can get because our project at Richard’s has now doubled in size. The conference disaster committee decided Thursday we would build a second bedroom. NOMADS will be working at Richard’s for several more weeks.

Trying out our new grillFor lunch we decided to try out our new grill. Max grilled some hamburgers with cheese and bacon mixed in. We were very pleased with the results. Another good meal. A short time later our other new couple, Barrie and Lee Ann arrived. So glad they are here safely. They have had some hard travel days due to the strong wind hitting the side of the rig coming across Texas the past three days. So all our chicks are in the barn again and we can relax.Seven rigs in place

After cleaning the church, Rita, Dave, and Mark played golf and Jo went along with them. They all had a good time. Tonight there was another card game for those wanting to play.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. Be in prayer for services tomorrow and all week. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Levee Trail Ride

Friday, March 23, 2018

Another gorgeous day! The spring days in Baton Rouge remind us of the mountains in the summer, cool mornings and evenings and warm beautiful days. Nice.

Mark and Lisa leavingIt was nice to have the day off allowing us to sleep a little late. Then we said our goodbyes to Mark and Lisa. This time it wasn’t as hard to say goodbye because all four of us have decided to return to Baton Rouge in May to help two more weeks while our dear friends Carol and Dave Hill are leading. Already looking forward to returning and we still have two more weeks here this time.Southernmost point sign Today Gary, Avis, Stel and Jodi went to the southern tip of Louisiana to the southern terminus of the Mississippi River. Dave and Rita made a trip to New Orleans. Finally, we rode the Levee Trail. Jo and Mark rode with us. The levee trail runs along the top of the levee that keeps the Mississippi River from flooding downtown Baton Rouge and the LSU campas. The Mississippi was still incredibly high, but it has receded just a little since last Saturday when we walked a section of the trail. The trail was a good ride, about 10 miles, and less crowded today than last week. We always like riding along the water.

After the ride, the four of us went to Portabello’s Grill for lunch. The food was very good and the company even better. We had a good waiter who put up with all our laughing and joking. When we left Portabello’s we walked next door to Madeline’s a french restaurant and bakery. The pastries and creme brulee cheese cake were awsome. We returned home around 4:30 and did laundry and relaxed. No supper for us after the lunch we ate. However, we did have the cheese cake in lieu of supper. Life is short. Eat dessert first – or instead. We have new team members coming in tomorrow. So we will probably get some groceries in the morning and then just hang out here tomorrow afternoon. Hope you have a great weekend.

In The Dry!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Feeling very blessed with another beautiful day. Cool this morning, then warmer during the afternoon. Actually, just plain hot working on the roof in the sun today. The rainy weekend we had last weekend turned into a beautiful week. Tomorrow is predicted to be nice, too. So hopefully we will finally get to ride the levee trail.

Today was roofing day. We really wanted to finally get the house in the dry. We had a really slow start, but then things started falling into place. Richard’s home is now in the dry with a bathroom and bedroom addition. We still have some additional screws to place in the roof and the soffit and fascia to put up, but the roof is on! Everyone worked so hard today. In addition to the roofing which everyone worked on, Stel and Avis got a lot more of the insulation installed. We had a lot of clean up to do since it’s out last work day this week.

Roof on and partially insulated
Roof on and partially insulated
The house at the end of the second Thursday
The house at the end of the second Thursday. It doesn’t look much different from this angle, but the addition is now in the dry.

Lunch today was again provided by Richard and was fried fish with slaw, french fries and bread. It was great. We also got word today that the committee approved NOMADS to build the other bedroom on Richard’s house so that means we will working there for a good while longer. The teams after we go home will have to complete the house. The team is very happy for Richard and Sandy. It’s been a good week.

Mark and Mark grilled burgers for the team tonight
Mark and Mark grilling burgers for the team

Tonight we had our weekly team dinner and the team decided to stay home and grill hamburgers. All the food was great and everyone enjoyed the evening. We had to say goodbye to Mark and Lisa, and Mark and Jo. The four of them have been such wonderful additions to our team. We will miss their laughter and their wonderful contribution to the project. Otherwise, it was another good week.

Still Pushing Hard

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Team picture second week Baton Rouge DR
Team picture second week Baton Rouge DR

Today was another beautiful day, cooler, and windy but beautiful. We are hoping for less wind tomorrow when we need to install the big sheets of metal roofing. We really can’t say anything negative about the weather here after looking at all the damage in Alabama from the Monday night storms. It is really amazing that no one died in those storms. Most recent count is 9 tornadoes touched down Monday night.

After devotion today, the team again headed to Baker to continue work on Richard’s home. We, however, headed in the opposite direction but only a few miles to Denham Springs to look over another home the Conference wants us to repair. This home needs sheetrock work, painting, doors installed, cabinets installed and flooring. The college kids who worked here last week taped, mudded and partially sanded the drywall They actually did a pretty good job but looks like they ran out of time to complete the job. Since this is all inside work we currently plan to continue on Richard’s home until the rain returns next week then at least some of us will go to this home.

Finished porch railing
Finished porch railing

While we were in Denham Springs, the team returned to work. It was a busy day and everyone is tired tonight. Today Rita and Lisa completed the railing for the front porch so now the porch and ramp projects are totally complete. They did an awesome job. The electrical was roughed in today, by Stel, Mark, Jodi and probably some others, and is awaiting inspection by the city. The inspector may have come after we left this afternoon. Otherwise he should be there first thing in the morning. Insulation was installed by Avis and Jo, in the exterior walls that did not have electrical installed. The electrical work has to remained uncovered until after the inspection and then we will complete the insulation installation. The windows were installed by Dave and Gary with some help by others. Yea! We took those windows out, protected them for a couple of days and got them reinstalled with out breaking any panes. Okay, now we will probably break them tomorrow. No! Mark, Max, Dave, Gary, and others spent most of the day preparing the rafters for the metal roof, soffit and fascia. Last night we went to Lowe’s and selected the material for the soffit and fascia and Charles picked it up for us this morning. We are so looking forward to having the roof on this house. That is our main goal for tomorrow. Sure hope we get it done.

The house at the end of the Second Wednesday
The house at the end of the second Wednesday

Richard made crawfish etouffee for us at lunch. Again, he made a large pot and served us all. The man can really cook. Everyone enjoyed lunch too much and no one felt like returning to work. However, we had to earn our lunch. Thanks, Richard, for another wonderful meal.

Tomorrow is NOMADS Friday so we really want that roof in place before the weekend. We will let you know tomorrow night.

Another Productive Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Today was a cooler but beautiful day. Nice working weather.

We all began the day back in Baker at Richard’s house. The Quickcete was mixed and poured at the end of the wheel chair ramp, completing that portion of the project. We began installing the railings on the front porch until we ran out of material. The lumber came this afternoon, but by then everyone was busy on other projects so we will complete the railings another day. The sheathing was completed. The purlins were all installed. We completed the blocking where it was needed. The house wrap was installed in spite of the wind and the sub-fascia was partially installed. After lunch Anne, Jo and Lisa returned to Francis Asbury and painted the floor in the hall at the church. There are still some doors to paint and trim to install and the floor will probably need another coat. We may save most of those projects for next week when we are expecting rain again.


The house at the end of the Second Tuesday
The house at the end of the second Tuesday

It was another beautiful and productive day in Baton Rogue.  But we are tired so its a short blog.

Keeping On Keeping On

Monday, March 19, 2018

This morning was again cloudy, dreary and drippy. We had a little rain around 10:00 but it was light and didn’t last long. It was just enough to make us cover up the saws and go inside for a moment and then it was over. After that quick little shower, the sun came out and it was hot and humid. Our high today was in the mid 80s, by far the warmest day so far. Our northern team members really don’t like that heat. They should be happier tomorrow when it cools off and the high is 65. We will be happier too.

Lisa sanding the completed ramp
Lisa sanding the completed ramp

Today the ramp crew completed the ramp with the exception of a little Quikrete by the metal ramp to help alleviate some of the mud problems. BTW, the purpose of the metal ramp is to prevent wood decay for the portion on the ground at our homeowners request. This afternoon our construction coordinator asked the crew to also place the same type of railing that is on the ramp on the porch as well. They will probably start on that tomorrow.

Today good progress was made on the bedroom addition. The windows and sheathing were removed from the exterior wall and the windows saved for the new exterior walls, the door was cut in from the living room to the bed room and the wall was removed from the old bath to extend the bathroom into the new addition. Also, the north wall framing was completed as was the interior wall framing. The sheathing was placed on the south and east wall. It was another productive day.

The house at the end of the Second Monday
The house at the end of the Second Monday
Back to our old TV viewing habits tonight
Back to our old TV viewing habits tonight

For those from other parts of the country, we have been watching our local TV channels from Birmingham tonight due to the severe storms in the area. Fortunately, at least for now, the area around our home has had no damage. Other areas of the state including Cullman, where Anne worked, have had severe damage. Very thankful that so far there have been no reports of injuries.

Second Sunday in Baton Rogue

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sometimes we just wish the weather forecasters would be wrong. Unfortunately, they have been right Friday through Sunday of this week. No bike riding this weekend. It was a warm night last night, requiring the air conditioner, and there was a lot of rain in a short period of time around 1:30 today. It was cloudy with dark ominous looking clouds until late this afternoon when the sun finally came our for a little while. It was 82 and humid this afternoon. Again, thankful for 50 amp power and good air conditioners.

Worship service at FAUMCWe, of course, went to worship this morning. The team decided to stay at Francis Asbury again this week. Today Pastor David was not here put Pastor Johnson filled in for him. She brought a message from John 12:20-33, “Lift up Jesus”. She also reminded us that when we look at a cross we should remember the vertical piece reminds us we are to reach up to Jesus and the horizontal reminds us to reach out to others. “Love Jesus – Love Neighbors.” Good message and again the entire congregation was so welcoming. Good people!

Picture on the wall of the sanctuary at FAUMC
Picture on the wall of the sanctuary at FAUMC
Rita and Mark shared a plate of bugs today
Rita and Mark shared a plate of bugs today

After church, some of us went back to City Cafe and others went for chicken fingers. Both groups were pleased with their service and food. We had grilled cedar plank salmon which was excellent. After a quick stop at Walmart we got to swim back to the truck in a deluge of rain. We had to do some work to prepare for our 6:00 pm team meeting and then we watched a Hallmark movie and relaxed.

Since this is a disaster rebuild project we have a team meeting every Sunday night because we have team members rotate out and new ones join each week. We officially welcomed Jodi and Stel to our team tonight and celebrated Dave’s birthday with cake, ice cream and pecan pie. It was good meeting with some good discussion. Looking forward to another productive week, accomplishing whatever it is that God wants us to do. Hope you have had a good weekend and stay safe as everyone starts back to work tomorrow.