Moving Right Along

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today was a mostly cloudy day but boy when the sun was out it was hot and humid. We were thankful for the overcast skies. We had a couple of tiny showers. It was just enough to make us cover up the chop saw once but by the time it was covered the rain had stopped.

Today devotions were led by Stel and Jodi who again did a great job. They shared the history and significance of the folded napkin found in the empty tomb. We then headed to the job sites. Again today, Jo and Mark went to the Denham Springs house to repair the bathroom floor. They got that completed this afternoon and tomorrow we plan for them to be back working on the framing at Richard’s house. Yea! We missed them. We may need to go back to that house later this week or next to set the bath tub, toilet and do some drywall work but we need everyone at Richard’s tomorrow while we hope to have dry weather. We shall see.

At Richard’s we made good progress. Suzanne and Lee Ann completed the painting of the siding for the first addition and put up the first couple of pieces. It’s going to look good. And they got to use a new tool that none of the rest of us have tried yet. It’s for cutting the concrete board siding. From what I hear, we may have a purchase in our future.

The framing of the second bedroom addition moved ahead today. We started on the decking this morning and finished that in time for a slightly late lunch. We then removed the remainder of the siding and part of the sheathing in preparation for starting the rafters. The window air conditioner was removed as that is where the door into the bedroom will be. We also raised one wall of the addition and began the layout of another. We are pleased with all that was accomplished today. This addition is moving faster because we learned a lot on the first bedroom and bath. Before we left we covered all our lumber in case it rains tonight. A front is going to come through and it’s looking like Thursday will be a rain day, but we are hoping for at least a good half day of outside work tomorrow.

We were all pretty tired tonight but still had enough energy to meet after showers for left over pie from Sunday’s dinner and a brief card game. This team really knows how to work and play and laugh.

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