A Quiet Easter Eve

Saturday, March 31, 2018

And it was another gorgeous day in Baton Rouge. We have been so blessed! It was a cool 49 this morning but perfect day. Now we have a beautiful sunset.

NOMADS helped the church get ready for EasterIt wasn’t planned but we ended up working around the church this morning helping them spruce things up a little for Easter. Such a sweet congregation. There was weeding, and trimming and sweeping. Oh, I almost forgot. Pastor Dave asked us to take down the Lent sign. The banner portion was a breeze but then there were these 2x4s that seemed to reach to China. The two of us were out by be highway trying to get these four posts up and one of the members of the church across the street came over to helped us. He thought it would be easy with the shovel he brought along. We were all surprised with how much work it took even after digging around the posts. Anyway, with his help and a lot of laughter, we finally got them up. We sure did appreciate our good neighbor.

It had been two days since we were last in Lowe’s so we decided to visit Home Depot today. Decided on a ladder we like but we will wait and pick it up after we get home since we already have two with us on this trip. (Thanks Mark. It will be just like yours.) Also picked up a new tool belt for Anne.

On the way home from Home Depot we stopped at Sweeties, a local ice cream and snow cone shop. The owner gives 20% of his sales plus all tips and contributions towards digging water wells in third world countries. He has signs posted indicating the number of wells he and his customers have supplied since he opened in 2012. Total to date is 14 wells. We like doing business with folks like this. Oh, and the ice cream was good too. Jo and Mark told us about Sweeties last week. Thanks!

After having our dessert first, we then went home and Max tried out our new grill again and grilled us a very nice steak.Got to use our new grill again today

Cache finds 3-31-18We realized we had never logged a geocache in Louisiana so Max looked on the geocaching.com map and discovered the closest one was across the street in the YMCA parking lot. So he walked across and found it. We now have geocache finds in 33 states.

It was a quiet day, with good times spent with church members and team members and team members puppies. We got our puppy fix. It was a good day.

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