Rainy Day In Baton Rouge

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Screenshot_2018-03-29-11-50-21The forecasts were at least partially correct. It rained today. And rained and rained and rained. Fortunately we had no severe weather and by 5:00 this afternoon we had beautiful blue skies and a gorgeous sunset.

Early this morning we started watching the weather closely. We decided to postpone devotions until 8:00 because the rain was suppose to be really bad about that time and we didn’t want people out driving in the storm. Rita brought us a devotion about Maundy Thursday. Thanks so much Rita for a really good devotion. We decided to not go out to Baker to Richard’s because we have primarily outside work there. The predictions were for thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. We didn’t need to be trying to work outside. There was work to be done at the church. The original plan was to work a few hours at the church, watch the weather and then perhaps we could go to Baker or out to one of the other homes that need inside work after the threat of severe weather had passed. Everyone got started at the church and found their spot they wanted to work. Mark, Barrie, Lee Ann and Jo began working in the tool room to clean it up and organize it. Max also did some work there. Wow. The tool room now looks amazing and we can find what we need. We still have to take some things out to the paint shed but didn’t want to do that in the rain. Dave installed and repaired trim in the church. The trim now looks much better. Stel stained the new trim and helped with some painting. Rita worked on prepping and painting the front door of the church and Suzanne painted trim in the church. Jodi painted the doors on the dormitory. A fresh coat of paint makes everything look better. Anne did some window repairs and tried to keep everyone in the necessary supplies. We all enjoyed the slower pace in a cooler environment and really wanted to make the church look a little better before Easter. It’s our little gift to the people of Francis Asbury. They have been so nice and welcoming to us that it was nice to be able to do something for them.

Gary and Avis leaving in the rainShortly after lunch we said goodbye to Avis and Gary. They had been watching the weather and based on forecasts for their destination, decided it was time for them to hit the road. We enjoyed working with them so much. They were a tremendous asset to this team and we will miss them. Prayers for safe travel and that they can get Gary’s knee surgery taken care of quickly so they can get back to work soon.

We decided to just stay at the church for the day and continued the various projects after lunch. We were pleased with what we got done but there is more to do.

Tonight we again decided to have our Thursday night dinner at the church. We had a lot of chicken and veggies left over from the Sunday dinner, along with many desserts. So we ate leftovers. They were just as good as they were Sunday. Jo and Mark will be leaving tomorrow, as will Dave and Rita. We ate, enjoyed dessert and talked and laughed like we have for three weeks. We didn’t say goodbye yet because we plan to see them before they leave tomorrow.

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