First Sunday In Baton Rouge

Sunday, March 11, 2018

We had storms this morning. There was a tornado warning for the Baker, LA area, where our job site is located. Have not heard of any damage. The area where we are parked was not included in the warning but we did have a thunderstorm warning and there was some nasty lightening and thunder about the time church started at 10:30. We were watching carefully and all our team understands that we can’t stay in our rigs if it gets really bad. By noon the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon, short sleeve weather.

First week worshipWe worshiped with the congregation at Francis Asbury this morning – such a sweet, welcoming congregation. We enjoyed our time with them today. The sermon was from John 2:13-16. If you recall this was where Jesus was angry and threw the money changers out of the temple. Pastor David talked about good anger and bad anger, and that even with good anger there can be a significant cost.

Most of us went out to lunch after church to one of the restaurants recommended by our volunteer coordinator, Glenda. This lady knows good restaurants. We have been to two she suggested and both were very good. Today we went to City Cafe and we all enjoyed our food and the service was good too. We had shrimp and grits and it was very, very good. Everyone’s food look really good and there are so many things on the menu we wanted to try that we just may be making a return visit.

After lunch we made a grocery store run to pick up a few things for our meeting tonight, made some brownies, printed out all the necessary paperwork for tonight and relaxed a little.

First week team meetingOur first official team event was our 6:00 meeting tonight. We had the requisite snacks, introductions, and review of project information and a lot of laughing. The laughing tonight was good for us. Sunday’s are hard for us right now and maybe it’s a good thing we will be having 6:00pm meetings for the next three weeks.

Someone asked me about Aunt Helen. From the reports we have gotten she is doing pretty good. She sees the orthopedic doctor tomorrow so we will know more after that.

Please be in prayer for a NOMADS friend, Cindy, who had a traffic accident today pulling her trailer. We understand her truck and trailer were significantly damaged and Cindy required stitches. We understand that Cindy and her dog are okay but that’s all we really know for now.

Tomorrow we start working. Praying we accomplish what God desires.

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