Semper Gumby Yet Again

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Our plan for today was to get Fred ready to move to Tuscaloosa to work on some estate business there next week. We had almost finished and were about to move the coach out to the end of the driveway before the rains arrived.

Remember the medical alarm we installed for Aunt Helen yesterday? Well, about 1:00 pm we got a call from the alarm company that the alarm had been activated and EMS notified. We jumped in the car and headed that way thinking it was another accidental activation. (We had several of those with her old medical alarm.) We arrived at the same time the first member of the Pine Mountain Volunteer Fire and EMS pulled up on the scene. When we entered the house Anne immediately saw that it was real. Aunt Helen was in the kitchen floor holding her right shoulder.

She has a broken clavicle.

Jump forward seven hours and we are in her room in the hospital where she will be for a couple of days for evalution. After that, we will see.

Please pray for Aunt Helen. And us.

2 thoughts on “Semper Gumby Yet Again”

  1. I am so sorry. Gerald always said things happen in threes. Who knows but you have certainly been through a lot. I know it must be overwhelming. My prayers are with you all. Love you.


  2. Aw geez! Containing prayers for strength for you both. Poor Aunt Helen, we will pray for her also. May Good be with you all.


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