Our First Work Day at Crystal River

Monday, February 5, 2018

Today was a perfect winter day in Florida. It was a little cool and cloudy first thing this morning and by 9:00 it was beautiful. It was really nice to have a day like this. Helped our spirits.

Our first morning devotion at Crystal RiverOf course we started our day with devotion by Andy using Jesus Calling and his wife Connie talking about the Towel and Basin Society. Andy reminded us that if we will seek God’s face we will receive peace. A message we need to remember right now.

We then received our work assignments. Anne, Carol and Joanne went to the outside chapel to work on the retaining wall. They plan to fill the concrete block cells with concrete but some of the “reclaimed” blocks needed some patches so the concrete wouldn’t flow out through the unwanted holes. The outside chapel has three crosses and some nice seating. We understand it us used for Easter sunrise services and by the youth at various times. It’s the kind of place we like. Quiet, outside place good for meditation and reflection. We mixed up some mortar and filled the damaged areas of the block and some exceedingly wide gaps between blocks. We finished that project late this afternoon. We may have some more work to do on the landscaping around the chapel but don’t know if that is next on the list.

Max worked on the community service side in a home damaged by the hurricane. He installed a light fixture and worked on remodeling a bathroom and troubleshooting some electrical problems with Lou and Rod. Mike and Bob completed the outside steps and railing at that location this morning. Ruth painted trim for the sanctuary.

Elaine worked in the Thrift Shop this morning but came outside and helped us in the chapel for a while this afternoon. Janie and Karen have been working on new flooring for part of the stage area, and enlarging the steps to the stage. They have made good progress and plan to start gluing down the flooring tomorrow.

The church is feeding us lunch everyday. We had some good chicken and rice and black beans today, along with some sub sandwiches and cookies for dessert. We will have to be careful or this will be another five pound project.

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