The Last Blog Post Of The Year

December 31, 2017

View out our window this morning
View out our window this morning

The last day of the year began with rain. It started raining sometime during the night and rained intermittently and never very heavy until around lunch. So, it was another gray day. The sun didn’t even think about showing itself today. It wasn’t as cold as predicted either. Our low was only about 40, so no problem with staying nice and warm. The generator didn’t cut on at all last night. It was about to cut on this morning when Anne gave it a little enticement by cutting on the tea kettle. We love our automatic start on the generator.

We had a sort of slow start to the day partially due to the rain and partially due to How most of our drive looked todayCamping World not opening until 11:00. We were only about 2.5 hours from there. Between the showers Max went across the street to grab us some breakfast. When we did get back on the interstate it was a wet drive. We kept seeing these South Carolina cars with all sorts of orange flags and banners and tiger tails Decorated carhanging out of the trunk. Wonder where they were going. Unfortunately for one of them who sped past us, Alabama law enforcement was giving them an unwanted welcome to our state a short way down the highway. Oh well, Mississippi may be doing the same to some Alabama fans. We were able to live stream the Lester Memorial UMC worship service while we were driving. In case you were wondering, Anne watched and Max just listened. Love our church and our pastor. Streaming Church

Yea, Camping World, not usually our favorite place. True to his word, Eric was there when we arrived and filled our propane tank. While we were at CW, they sold their last two bottles of RV antifreeze and had several more people come it hoping to purchase the same. We travel with our antifreeze this time of year. The low tonight here is 27 which doesn’t bother us, but tomorrow is predicted 23 in Gulf Shores so we will be using the propane furnace to keep the sewer bay and holding tanks from freezing tomorrow night. Our rear furnace is vented to blow warm air on the tanks and into the sewer bay. All should be good.

After CW, it was just a few miles on down to Foley to the Tanger Outlets. There is one store there where we are usually able to get much better deals on Merrill shoes/boots than any where else. We both found some boots on close out that were about half price. We may go back to check out the Eddie Bauer store. Today we were able to snag a last minute site at the state park so we headed on to Gulf Shores to check in. Our original reservation began on January 1 and we were planning to stay in Foley for the night but with the cold we decided we would really prefer to just go ahead and get in the park. Now we have all the 50amp power we want to power our fire place and heat pumps.

For dinner we went to Mikee’s Seafood, a well known restaurant in Gulf Shores and had some steamed Royal Red shrimp. Oh my, they were so good! We had been wanting some good seafood. Hope we can satisfy that craving several more times over the next few weeks.

Some of you have been praying for our second cousin Joshua for some time. He, at 13 years old, has a very rare brain and spinal cancer. He has done well the past couple of months. The family had a very good Christmas. However, at 12:30 this morning he was flown from Huntsville, his home, to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham,. They are still trying to determine if the current problems are related to disease progression or something else. Please be in prayer for the entire family.

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