A Quiet Christmas Eve, Eve.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Today was cloudy and rainy. Hard rain for a while but it had all cleared out by lunch time. It remained cloudy and windy all day. It was quite warm this morning before the rain but afterward the temperature started dropping. Tomorrow night’s low is 28. Seventy degrees to 28. Yep, that’s Alabama weather.

So, what did we do today. Max cooked Anne a wonderful omelet while David cook an equally wonderful one for Jenifer. Of course, they also cooked one for themselves. It’s been so nice to have David and Jenifer with us this Christmas. Such a sweet couple. We just sat around and talked while it rained this morning. Good times. Later we walked up to Aunt Helen’s, fixed lunch for Helen and Juno, visited with the rest of the family for a while then came back home to fix lunch for ourselves. This afternoon we started loading the few things we need in FRED for the next two days in Tuscaloosa for the Anne’s family Christmas. Just before dark it was another walk to Helen’s and a few rounds on the track for some additional exercise. For those wondering, we still haven’t unwinterized FRED. We may do that tomorrow after we park at Anne’s mom’s house. The weather this weekend will be okay but we are looking ahead to next weekend. If we unwinterize we may have to leave a little earlier than planned to avoid re-winterizing. We have postponed the decision until tomorrow. That’s it for today. Sorry no pictures. Everyone stay safe traveling for Christmas and please remember what we are celebrating.

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