Day Of Worship

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Still snow on the deck
There was still 2.5″ of snow on the deck this afternoon (and some dog or coyote tracks).

Today was a bright and beautiful day. Cold this morning, but not as cold as was predicted. Interestingly, it was 6 degrees colder down in the valley, when we dropped off the mountain going to church. Unfortunately, the heat was not working in our worship center. The rest of the church was warm. We got a message just before leaving to come dressed warmly and bring blankets. When everyone arrived it really wasn’t that cold and we still had a wonderful service and message from Barry. We could have moved the service to the sanctuary but the choir was practicing for the 11:00 Christmas musical.

After Sunday School we returned to the mountain and went to Lee’s Chapel’s 11:00 service. Max’s Mom really wanted us and Marsha (Max’s sister) to come there today and stay for their combination Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner. We all attended Lee’s Chapel in the past. They changed pastors last June and we had not met the new pastor. We enjoyed meeting him and his family and worshiping with Juno and Helen again. And the food was of course very good. It was still pretty cool this afternoon but we were determined to do some walking and ended with about 3 miles today.

Wild life sightings: The usual deer on the pond dam. They were pretty skittish today and didn’t take time to pose for pictures. Maybe they know they really stand out on the white snow. Much harder to see in our usual pine straw and leaves. Still haven’t seen the otter again and the ducks have not returned.

Thanks for the nice birthday wishes from everyone. Love you all. Have a good week.

Snow on Fred's roof
This picture was taken yesterday, but there was still about 1.5″ of snow on Fred’s roof today. Max swept it off. We are impressed with the insulation in the roof since we have had the heat on inside the coach since Thursday.

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