No Wildlife, But Wild Life

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Today was again another gray, cloudy day. Don’t know where that sunshine has gone but hopefully we will see it again sometime soon. The temperatures are very moderate so we are enjoying that.

Philip, Lauren, Dorothy and Tabitha are a joy to have visiting, but it gets sort of wild at times. Unfortunately, Dorothy (4 years old) burned her finger last night and she has a nasty blister on the pad of the third finger. The girls were in the bedroom supposedly down for the night when all of a sudden Dorothy started screaming and then Tabitha chimed in and it took a bit to determine the cause of it all. The girls play together well but when Dorothy cries, Tabitha gets very upset and vice versa. It was a long night for Philip and Lauren trying to get both girls calmed down. They finally had to separate the girls to get Tabitha to ever go to sleep.

To Granny's house we go
To Granny’s house we go

We all went to visit Helen and Juno after breakfast today but this afternoon both girls and Philip had nice long naps. The girls were very good when visiting with Granny and Helen even on very little sleep. So, our day was filled with some wonderful visiting with family, cooking, and cleaning. These two old geezers usually run the dishwasher every 2-3 days rather than 2-3 times per day. Things will be busy at our house for the next few days but so much fun. We know DeDe and Pops (Randy and Debra) are jealous of us this weekend. Don’t forget to be in prayer for all our pastors and the services tomorrow.

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