Moving Day

Monday, November 13, 2017

Today was a very nice fall day. Cool morning, high in mid 60’s and sunny. No complaints.

After a hearty breakfast omelet, today was set aside to unload FRED and get re-organized. When we return to Alabama after being gone for awhile it always takes one or two days of re-organizing the house and FRED. Today started with cleaning out the house refrigerator and then transferring the food from FRED to the house. Still have to wipe down FRED’s fridge and we always leave a few things in FRED like extra soft drinks and water. It took a little reorganizing the house deep freezer before transferring all the frozen food we got at Murphy Harpst. Then we transferred the food from Fred’s pantry to the house pantry. We knew we took too many clothes with us on this journey but really knew it when we had to carry them all back inside the house. Today was also the day to empty and clean the holding tanks. That project always takes a little longer when we return home since we want everything to be really clean. Maybe the biggest project of the day was to go through all the mail that has arrived. It was a huge amount this time. A lot more junk mail since one of us is approaching Medicare age and everyone seems to want our business. Seems we received four and five Medicare ads some days. For those of you that also travel, the USPS now has a free service where you can receive a daily email with scanned images of the mail that will be delivered that day. It helps to know when we need to have things mailed to us or opened for us. You can check it out – USPS Informed Delivery. Finally made it through all the mail, but still have some of the real mail to handle and file away. All the junk filled up the kitchen waste basket. Too bad we don’t have paper recycling anymore. That was our day. Should have worn the step counter today. We walked a couple of miles late this afternoon but don’t know what we did just going from house to FRED and back.

Oh well, it was a busy day but good day. Now it is time for some wonderful hot chocolate with eggnog, marshmallows and Ready Whip – one of the best things about cool weather. Evening treat

A Great Sunday!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Today started off cool and stayed that way all day. The high was 58 and our thermometer was at 52 this morning. It was also really cloudy but no rain. This time of year in Alabama we watch the predicted lows closely and so far the lowest low is 37 for the next 10 days. Good. No need to winterize yet. Sure would like to head to Florida in January without having to winterize, but we know that is probably not going to happen. Last year we had to winterize two days before our departure.

Morning Worship at Lester MemorialWorship at Lester Memorial this morning was wonderful. It was great to see everyone again, but much more importantly was the movement of the Spirit during worship. We then had a full house in Sunday School. We are looking for a larger room. It’s a nice problem to have.

After church we went to Piedmont, AL to ride the Chief Ladiga Trail with Barry and Donna. We rode from Piedmont to Germania Springs which is on the outskirts of Jacksonville, AL, a total of 20 miles round trip. With a little wind and temperatures in the low 50’s it was a cool ride. Too bad we forgot to take riding gloves. However, except for the hands we warmed up quickly once we started the ride. The Chief Ladiga is a great trail and since it is a rail trail there are only gradual changes in elevation. Fun ride with wonderful friends. Wonderful afternoon. After completing the ride we had an early supper in Rainbow City. It was a very nice Sunday. Hope yours was the same.


Another Travel Day and Back to Blogging

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Blogging again at home
Blogging again at home. It was after dark when we parked so we are just spending another night in Fred.

So we arrived at Max’s brother’s house Wednesday night in the rain. Then it rained all night long and then all day on Thursday and into the night Thursday night. Thursday was way more rain than Wednesday and was a total rainout. Debra, Michelle (Debra’s sister) and Max and Anne sat around, napped, ate and visited all day. Randy got home from his trip Thursday night. Friday morning we finally saw the bright sun for the first time since Monday. Nice. Friday was cool and blustery but sunny.  It was another great day of just spending time with family with lots of (too much) good food. Friday afternoon Max’s nephew David and his wife Jennifer also come over. It was great to get to spend some time with them again, too. This morning we had a wonderful breakfast with Randy and Debra, readied Fred for travel and then Anne, Max and Michelle headed back to Alabama. We were glad Michelle got to spend the week with Debra and have some good sister time and very glad we had some time with everyone. It’s the holiday season and time for family. We are now back in Alabama until after the holidays. Our next NOMADS project is in January. We have doctors appointments, accounting, moving the remainder of Max’s mom’s things from her house to Helen’s, and all sorts of things on the to do list for the next few weeks. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of the list but we will just try to mark things off one thing at a time.

Looking forward to going to Lester Memorial tomorrow. We had thought about going to the dedication at Rosalie Baptist Church, the church we helped build with Constructors for Christ last June. We would love to see the completed church, but we decided we really wanted to be at Lester more. Don’t forget to be in prayer for the services at your church and all the other churches. Hope you will check back in on us tomorrow.


Rainy Wednesday

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Yep, rained all day today. Never had hard rain but mist to moderate. Messy day, and cold! We are currently in Johnston, SC at Max’s brother’s house. The day didn’t go quite like we had thought when we posted the blog last night. After the post we realized that we did not have the generator serviced yesterday. We always have it serviced with our annual service, but it was different this time with the initial stuff to do too. Anyway, we asked this morning if we could get it serviced and they said they would work us in but it would be tomorrow. We decided to wait and get it done. Fortunately for us, they came to get the rig at 11:30 today. We were on the road by 1:30. Now everything has been done until this time next year. We will get to visit for a couple of days and then head back to Alabama. Sorry, no pics today. Anyway, it would just have been of rain.